“Confidence returns to G7”: Ursula von der Lane takes stock

Exclusive Interview with the President of the European Commission

At the end of the G7 summit in Cornwall, the head of the European Commission gives an update on Euro News’ microphone

No more divisions during the Trump era, no more room for unity and diversity: this is the message of G7 leaders on the last day of the summit in Cornwall. A united front is needed to meet the challenge posed by China and Russia in particular.

Ursula von der Lane, President of the European Commission: “Confidence is back in the G7. We share the same views. We share the same interests and the same values, and we are determined to take on our responsibilities to shape the transition toward a greener, more digital society and economy. This is something to keep in mind“.

Jack Parrock, Euro News: “As for China, it is announcing a kind of competitive infrastructure project between the G7 countries to compete with Chinese “new silk roads” in North Africa, Latin America and around the world. Can you tell us exactly what it is, if it does not bother Beijing? “

Ursula von der Lane, President of the European Commission: “We talked a lot about the importance of taking this connectivity initiative forward and making sure we have the best and most attractive model. As a major economic power within the G7, it is important to convince partners that they are investing unconditionally and unconditionally compared to China. “

Jack Parrock, Euro News: “We are in the UK and there is still a significant dispute between the UK Government and the European Union over the Northern Irish Protocol, which has obscured the discussions here to some extent. When will the EU give up urging European partners to stick to the agreement and find another way?

Ursula von Der Lane, President of the European Commission: “Today, we need one thing, peace and stability in Ireland, respect for the Good Friday Agreement, a lot of flexibility, and we expect our British friends to show the same flexibility in doing their job and applying what we have agreed to on the island of Ireland.” It’s the only solution to all the related problems, and it’s a good solution, so we have to move on now. “_

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