“Confidence in those who fear judicial error is declining” – Libero Quottidiano

Incubo-persecuzione, italiani terrorizzati dai magistrati: le cifre del sondaggio, se questa è giustizia

62% of Italians believe it Luigi de Mayo It would be nice to apologize publicly to the former mayor Simon Ugetti, Was acquitted on appeal for obstruction of the auction, which led to his arrest in 2016. 60 per cent in the same interview Reform of justice: This comes from the latest survey conducted by Antonio Noto commenting on the results of today’s edition Day.

“De Mayo’s apology has a special political value – underlined by Polster – the 5 players have always maintained extremely just stances, accelerating political conflict with a guarantee notice. The public address to Minister Grillino Ugetti is a way of saying that the M5s have changed their minds on justice. ” This is clear from the public statements of Giuseppe ConteThe foreign minister did well to apologize to the former mayor of Lodi.

Noto analyzes Italians’ declining confidence in the judiciary: “Assume it was 41 percent in July 2018 Today it is 30 percent, a sharp drop of 11 points in just three years. Among other things, the possibility of Victim of judicial error This is one of the ideas of Italians: 40% fear that one day they will be accused of non-existent guilt ”.

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