Conference on the Future of Europe: The Dress of Participatory Democracy

What's next for the EU?  The "Conference on the Future of Europe" is over

It ended after a year of negotiations and thousands of citizens involved in the participatory democratic process Conference on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg.

Participants from 27 member states and union bodies met in the European Parliament for this purposeReceiving final recommendationsThe reforms cover various areas that may be affected.

Cockpar Parole is a young partner from Poland: “I was in a working group on economics, social justice and employment – he explains – I worked to give students a young perspective on the big housing problem and to lay the foundation for the search. Students’ first job”.

According to civic representatives – selected from 450 million Europeans – the conference on the future of Europe opens a new chapter in European democracy.

Aoife O’Leary is an Irish partner. It focuses mainly on education: “We have made important suggestions on education and mutual recognition of qualifications. I think the work that has been done can have a profound effect.

Il Depotato Belga Guy VerhofstadtThe co-chair of the conference steering committee stressed the need to reform the union’s decision-making process: “One of the main proposals is to end the veto in the European Union. Therefore, stop voting unanimously in the decision-making process, because with unity we have always worked in the European Union for a very short time and very late.

Many of the proposals require changes in European agreements: a change of course that some member states oppose. However, the EU Commission said it would evaluate the programmatic platform very carefully.

“I’m sure the institutions are serious and citizens will ask us for an account if we do nothing,” she said. Dubravka Suika, Vice President of the European Commission – So I’m sure we will follow all of this. We will do our best to include the ideas, expectations and concerns of the citizens.

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The final recommendations will be forwarded to EU leaders “Europe Day”, May 9, But it will take months to decide whether to implement them.

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