Conference of Local Economic Councils: Finance Minister Shrombak Linsinger visits

Conference of Local Economic Councils: Finance Minister Shrombak Linsinger visits

On Thursday, July 1, a 30-member delegation from local economic councils around Finance Minister Margaret Shrombok visited Linsinger Operations. The specialized machine building company from Upper Austria has developed from a family business with more than 80 years of tradition into an owner-controlled global player. 98% of the machines are exported worldwide.

LAK CHURCHES. Upper Austrian Economic Councilor Marcus Ackletner chaired a meeting of the Economic Councils of all the federal states, chaired by Federal Minister of Digitization and Business Location Margaret Shrombak. Meanwhile, on July 1, a factory tour of Linsinger took place. There was an active exchange on the subject of Austria in the areas of a business location, innovation and digitization.
Linzinger, one of the leading companies in Upper Austria, was selected for the visit, and the upper class delegation was able to get an idea of ​​the innovative company. Introduced the latest products such as the world’s first emission-free, hydrogen-power rail milling train MG11H2, the world’s largest inclined bed circular saw or four-sided sheet metal milling machine. Construction of wind towers. The company focuses on “green technology” and “mobility”, future trends implemented by the in-research research and development department.

Full order books

One of the current customer examples is the delivery of the third and fourth rail milling trains to the customer MTR in Hong Kong. This successful collaboration has been going on for many years. Careful processing and maintenance of the rails offers safety and driving comfort to the passengers. Linsinger is in a lucky position to defy the Covid 19 crisis, and the entire order books continue. These now mean that the company is expanding again. 7,500m last year. Once developed, the company is building an additional 1,600 miles of space to cope with the company’s continued growth. The extension is intended to create additional storage space and office space. At the beginning of the year, a branch was opened in China, which could provide even better support to local customers. The office is located in Tykong, just outside of Shanghai. It follows branches in Hong Kong, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

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