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Concerts during the festive season in Servo

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Ponan’s folk tradition

Health emergencies do not prevent events during the Christmas season in Servo. There are still two musical events on the festival calendar, while the village cribs exhibition-competition “Following the Star” will continue until January 6, 2022. More than 30 cribs can be found on the village streets and on Castello Day. Klavasana. The unprecedented Open Air Exhibition will conclude at Epiphany, with a special jury deciding the winner of the competition.
However, on January 6, the music will be at the concert of Befana, the protagonist of Ponnon’s folk legacy group, which features traditional Ligurian, Northern European music, Christmas dances and carols. The concert will take place at 4.00 pm in the Oratoria of Santa Catarina, no reservation required: admission will be free when seats are available, and you will be required to show a confirmed green pass and wear the Ffp2 mask instead. The award ceremony for the Nativity Scene competition will also take place after the concert.
The festivities will conclude with a concert by the Vocal Studio in Albenga on Sunday, January 9 at 6.00 pm in the Oratorio di Santa Catarina. Gaudഡിയna Gaisen, Soprano, Alessandro Delphino, piano, Gianni Gollo and horizontal flute are all trio of Gauda Gaisen. In this case, it is necessary to show a firm green pass and wear an Ffp2 mask.
For information Municipality of Servo 0183406462, prolocoprogettocervo2@gmail.com IAT: 0183406462-3

Ponan’s folk tradition

Ponnet Folk Legacy was born in the fall of 2018 from a meeting of 3 Ligurian musicians from the province of Imperia who have been involved in the field of folk and traditional music for years. The collection suggested by the group is of Balfolk (Scottish, Polshe, Bauri, etc.) and consists mainly of their own parts, composed according to the style and dance of the traditional dances.

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David Baglito: Multi-instrumentalist and composer, bagpipe, flute, piano, percussion player, longtime researcher and scholar of Ligurian music tradition. He has collaborated with many musicians: Armando Corsi, Marco Fadda, Edmundo Romano, Fabio Rhino, Robert Amot, Michelle Solinas and Jerome Casalonga.

Emmanuel Beaumonti: Multi-instrumentalist, plays flute, whistle, drums and Julian pipe, member of the Irish music band Tribute from the province of Imperia, and many concerts behind him. In addition to playing in folk formations, he is also involved as a percussionist in some street bands (Brama Street Band, Sakshi Beat Street Band), and on the West Coast Drum Line, the first drum line in Liguria and the first drum line in Italy. Ventimiglia.

LUCA SCHIAPPACASSE: Singer, songwriter and voice-electric guitarist, in addition to being part of the PFL in a traditional setting, also shared the Tribute project with Emmanuel and played cabinets with David and Edmundo Romano. He plays guitar in various forms (Geco & Ghiro, Breakboxes Acoustic Duo, Brilla) and as a finger style guitarist, Solo inspired him to attend the Thomas Leib Acoustic Boot Camp 2020. He also reads the mandolin and the Greek Bozoki.

Trio Goudia Gaisen
Soprano Gauda Gaisen

Alessandro Delphino – pianist
Gianni Gollo – Fluteist

Gaudഡിയ began his music and opera singing studies at the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague.
E. Eriksson, A. Ostman, R. Chili H. Hanchen, E. Svetlanov, T. Coopman, Wm. Over the years he has gained experience as a playback singer in various professional choirs and bands internationally under the leadership of Christie and other prominent conductors. I. Fisher, F. Herrevege, Wm. Swingle, N. Cleobury, Ch. Hall Fighter.
His solo career began with the musical performances of Montevardi Vivaldi, Carisimi, Pergolesi, Purcell, Handel, Bach and Mozart. Rosini, Mozart, Bissett, r. He made his opera debut with the roles of Strauss, Britain, Puccini, Muscagni, and Verdi, and later sang in several major theaters in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, the United States, the United States, and Israel. .
Beyond being an opera singer, Gaudia has a strong passion for lies.
He is a prolific commentator on collections of Scandinavian and German songs (Sibelius, Schubert, Schumann, Brams, Wolf, R. Strauss) and French (Dupark, Debussy, Ravel) and Spanish (Granados, Gouridi, de Falla, and Turina). Music critics and the general public at numerous recitations across Europe.
In addition, she has produced performances for video clips, various CDs, radio and TV shows. In recent years she has settled in Liguria, where in addition to her work as a solo opera singer and lider, she is also the director of “Vocal”. Studio Albenga “where she teaches lyrical, classic and modern singing.

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Alessandro Delphino – pianist
In 1989 he received a diploma in piano from the G. VERDI Conservatory in Turin. Separated from Kunio. He attended the Composition Course until he obtained his Lower Degree (old system) in 1993. He is the principal piano teacher at the Music Academy in Savona. He was involved in teaching preparation for the disciplines of music in Kindergarten, and took courses organized by OSI (ORFF Schulewerke Italiana in Rome) to further deepen ORFF methodology.
In the field of musical computing, he uses both notation programs (Final and Sybelius), professional recording, and HD recording and audio editing programs (Qbase, Pro Tools, and Logic) to generate scores and transcriptions commissioned by various bodies. Post production. He takes his first steps in composing soundtracks (music for films) for some scenes in an independent film made in the area. For some time he has been collaborating as an accompaniment to various realities. He joined the Noli Philharmonics class directed by Claudio Massola and collaborated as an arranger / copyist and pianist (trio / quartet / quintet musically, big band). Within this multifaceted training he embarked on a path that has seen him perform abroad and in many national venues.

Gianni Gollo – Fluteist
Flat Otto graduated from Traverso and excelled at the Paganini Conservatory in Genoa while still a university student. In fact, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Genoa with full marks. Paganini attended post-diploma orchestral qualification courses at the Conservatory and in-depth courses for harmonized music conducted by the former First Clarinet. Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome, prof. Vincenzo Marioci.
Conductors such as Carl Martin, Piero Bellugi, and Vincenzo Mariosi also collaborated with Paulo Villaggio on the musical fairy tales “Pierino e l’Lupo” and played with the driver and octavinist Niccol പ Paganini at the Carlo Felice in Genoa. He has also performed in various theaters in Italy, including the theater of Varallo Cesia and Lanciano, and has given concerts abroad, particularly in Spain and Portugal. Intensified, the Pentatre Group was formed with general and critical success.

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