More than 370 police officers will guard the Concepción Municipal Stadium to monitor the security of the Don Omar concert. The security rings will be in place from 09:00 am and vehicles will not be able to enter Colao and Tegualda Streets and General Oscar Bonilla Avenue.

The Presidential Delegate, Daniela Dresdner, An inspection visit was made to Concepcion Municipal Stadium, Ester Roa Rebolledo, This Saturday Puerto Rican, Don Omar.

Concert security officials have prepared the event a month in advance.

For this, from 09:00 am this Saturday, traffic will be blocked on the streets around the stadium and various security measures will be taken where security rings are in place.

In this regard, the Dresdner representative appealed to those present to cooperate to avoid overcrowding.

The Colonel of the Carabineros, Juan Ulloa, He explained that no one could enter the blocks around the stadium, except for participants, residents or those going to the bus terminal, escorted by police officers.

The Concepcion Deputy Mayor, Aldo Mardones, The event highlighted the first of these characteristics since 2018.

370 police officers will be in charge of the security of this event, which, according to the municipality of Concepcion, will be an example to continue the massive events next year.