“Compromised Easter”. Doubts about vaccination passport

"Compromised Easter".  Doubts about vaccination passport

The latest news is the tightening of foreign travel, which has entered the center of the storm strongly. After the controversy, the government ran to hide the order of Health Minister Roberto Sporanza. Buffer and ship for returnees from EU countries. The ordinance presupposes that: Income and income from EU countries will actually have a buffer for departure, a 5-day embargo, and therefore an additional buffer at the end of the isolation period. Shipping was anticipated for all non-EU countries.

The possibility of going abroad for tourism even during the Easter period led to this case. Stefano Bonasini, president of the Emilia Romagna and Conference of Regions, thundered on Facebook: “You can not meet loved ones, it’s a few kilometers away, but can you take a plane and entertain thousands of people? It’s a wide ensemble with heavy financial losses for many months. “I hope this absurdity becomes clear soon.” In the background, the first charter flights from Malpensa bring several vacationers to the Canary Islands.

But which countries can you travel to? The list is very long: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Portugal , Principality of Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco.

Travel agencies are in limbo

Travel agencies are practically active trying to fulfill the desire of people to travel and enjoy. The Cesena Agency Travel Planet underscores how Minister Soparenza’s last-minute austerity is cutting off the wings of an area already in crisis: “It discourages a lot to leave.”

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In reservations for the Easter period: “There are requests, there is a desire to travel, but the paradox is that it opens the way for tourism, but we can not accept customers in the agency. Some pass, I am forced to tell them to send an email. Greece and cruise liner are still in the most requested places. MSC Grandiosa is the only one to travel, and the ideas in the vaccination passport are clear: “If the vaccination campaign goes slowly, it becomes discriminatory. Young people who travel the most will be excluded from the novelty. “

Bayontini Travel Agency in Forley is also disappointed by the ‘austerity’ decided by Minister Sporenza. “A few days before Easter, I’m sorry about the time of the ordinance, which has now been compromised. This is an ordinance blocking cross – border traffic.” There is a lot of dissatisfaction: “We’re an area that has been in practice for a year, we do not know what death is, honestly no one shines on the horizon. Vaccine passport? That would be a good share but a big unknown time and bureaucracy. How long will it take to develop?”.

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