Completion: Presenting vaccination certificates for major sports competitions

Completion: Presenting vaccination certificates for major sports competitions

The prevalence of Kovid-19 in Sweden is currently relatively low, but it is expected to increase, as it has done in many other European countries.

Therefore, the government has now decided to introduce vaccination certificates at indoor events attended by more than 100 people.

– We made that decision yesterday. It’s not mandatory for a vaccination certificate, but organizers who use it should not limit their event, says Amanda Lind, who is responsible for sports issues.

Vaccination certificate is not required

If an organizer decides that he does not need proof of vaccination from his visitors, he is subject to other restrictions. Participants must then have a designated seat, with no more than eight parties, and at least one meter between each party.

The government said it had given the FHM an assignment to lay the groundwork for the introduction of additional infection control measures and the phased implementation of infection control measures.

– From recent conversations with cultural and sports actors, we have learned that this is important in this kind of message. It’s important to give victims the opportunity to plan, Lind says.

The women’s floorball WC, which airs on SVT, is played in Uppsala and takes place between 27/11 and 5/12, thus affecting the decision.

Floorball WC works for a digital solution

– We are positive about this, because the alternative is mostly restrictions, which means that we are starting to go in the direction we have been for a year, even though everyone thought it was necessary but very problematic for sports. We do not need it, and then we think vaccination certificates are a better decision to take the community forward and keep them in the sport, ”Swedish Floorball Association general secretary Michael Ahlerap told SVT Sport.

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Are you worried that this will reduce the number of spectators?

– Right and wrong. We have received very few emails asking us to have a ticket but not to be vaccinated. But I think there is a ratio in the country where it seems safe to buy tickets to events with more than 100 people, and of course it includes the Worldball World Cup. So I think it will come out on its own.

Currently, they are working on a digital solution that scans the vaccination certificate.

– This is our main track, says Ahlarapp.

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