Complete list of approved candidates

Complete list of approved candidates

BAC results. Baccalaureate results 2022 were revealed on Tuesday. As the catch-ups progress, find updated lists of all who have been accepted by the Academy and the city…

[Mis à jour le 7 juillet 2022 à 11h54] The vast majority of the 710,000 candidates will know their 2022 baccalaureate results from Tuesday. But the epilogue of this 2022 baccalaureate is not over, as some candidates have until Friday to pass the remedial tests to make up some missing points. So the results are regularly updated by the academies with new admissions over time till the end of the week.

Baccalaureate results for senior high school students in general, technological and vocational streams are available online or at the premises of institutions. Although the baccalaureate has lost its symbolic role with the blanker reform, this announcement of the results of the baccalaureate remains an important moment for high school students. More than half (53.7%) of the 709,399 candidates for the baccalaureate this year took the General Baccalaureate. 26.2% of them passed vocational baccalaureate and 20% passed technological baccalaureate.

The final success rate is not yet known, but the results of the new formula baccalaureate will be worse than last year: 86% of candidates were immediately accepted, a decrease of 4.7 points compared to 2021, after two sessions, in the middle of the covid epidemic by the examiners and the Ministry of Education.

Baccalaureate results can be checked by city or academy on this page: just enter your name directly in our search engine (in the window above). To avoid confusion with the results of a namesake, we advise you to filter by academy. A map and list of cities are available below. On reaching the page devoted to the results of a prize winner, a nice virtual diploma appears with the winning mention. What all 2022 baccalaureate graduates have to share on this important moment. As a reminder, marks equal to or higher than 10/20 are sufficient to obtain a baccalaureate. Candidates who obtained between 8 and 9.99/20 may take the baccalaureate remedial tests.

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Attention! Names of candidates who failed in the first session or underwent re-examination are available only on individual basis. In order to appear in these results, every candidate must expressly authorize the publication of his name in the list of Admitted through a signed document at the beginning of the year. Since 2012, the ministry has not made public the schools each candidate belongs to.

Bac 2022 results are less than last year

The results of the baccalaureate are worse than last year: 86% of the 709,000 candidates were accepted in the first round, a drop of 4.7 points compared to 2021 after two sessions were interrupted by Covid. New Education Minister Pap Ndye had warned this afternoon that a “decline in results compared to previous years” was to be expected. A result “is not at all surprising”, he added, as “this year is the first real year of reform of the baccalaureate that has not been interrupted by the health crisis”.

In fact, this 2022 edition of Baccalaureate was very unique: for the first time since the reform of Baccalaureate, in 2019, the tests for the general stream were as planned, complete, specific, and spectacular. Oral and Traditional Philosophy Exam. Therefore, all the results of the 2022 baccalaureate will be carefully scrutinized: after two years of gentleness and benevolence in the middle of the health crisis, this year returned to the pre-pandemic standards for marking corrections.

Last year, almost 95% of candidates had a baccalaureate (91.4% before remedial tests). Hence the decline in the announced pass rate is assumed: “Constant monitoring has prevented those who said it would produce exceptional results. The new baccalaureate remains an important exam”, noted Pap Ndye.

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The results of the baccalaureate for the second group (following remedial orals) are not communicated in a block on a specific date. “They will be revealed over the water during a catch-up session from Wednesday 6 July to Friday 8 July 2022. They will most likely be available on the afternoon of the same day as the oral exam. New winners will be added later. Our admission lists can be consulted from our search engine.

Like Technological Baccalaureate results, General Baccalaureate results can be checked from July 5, 2022 at the display center or official website. All admission lists for 2022 baccalaureate are also available on Linternaute thanks to our dedicated search engine and map.

Every year, the results of the Bac Pro exam can be checked at the display center indicated by the summons of the concerned students. Result However, they need to go to the discussion center where the results are displayed to retrieve the transcript, which they must keep. Candidates of Bac Pro may have to collect this transcript from their training institution, if their institution head specifies this.

The results of the expected tests of the French Baccalaureate are announced In the first half of July. Their publication timings are given on the websites of various academies. Applicants can check their results online by logging into their academy’s website using their personal identifier. They will also receive transcripts by mail. For more information on this year’s French Baccalaureate, find our special page on French Baccalaureate.

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