Competition of 30 thousand teachers .. tests for specialization, behavior, technology and medical examination

مسابقة 30 ألف معلم.. اختبارات للتخصص والسلوكيات والتكنولوجيا وكشف طبى

selected Ministry of Education In addition, in coordination with the Central Agency for Organization and Administration of Technical Education, the Ministry confirmed that the graduates who applied to work in the 30,000 teacher competition, the types of exams, passing these exams is a prerequisite for admission, selection and appointment.

In the following report, we review these types of tests.

Technical and cognitive ability tests including computer tests and general information about ongoing projects in the country, anti-corruption strategy and national human rights strategy..

An educational qualification exam that covers the skills a teacher should have, including those related to student guidance and counseling, mental health, effective teaching, management and supervision..

Specialization tests including teaching methods and curriculum related subjects as per the specialization of the graduate.

Behavioral skills are about 12 characteristics that a teacher should have, starting with personal characteristics, discipline, desire to learn, self-development and functional skills..

Language skills including Arabic, including English, German or French, and one of the foreign languages ​​the applicant is fluent in.

All submitters will undergo an addiction analysis.

Medical examination signature.

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration had fixed the date for applications for 15,187 Assistant Teacher Posts (Kindergarten Stage) from 36,235 applicants. Equals Sunday, August 28..

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