Compare why Elon Musk bought and canceled the Twitter deal

Compare why Elon Musk bought and canceled the Twitter deal

Elon Musk once announced that he wanted to buy Twitter to “save the world” but gave up on the reason he thought it was trivial.

July 9 Elon Musk It announced that it will no longer buy Twitter. Page The Verge He compared the reasons for wanting to acquire Twitter and the reasons for canceling the deal, saying the deal sounded like a US billionaire’s joke.

Why would Musk want to buy Twitter?

When talking about his reason for buying Twitter, Musk repeatedly attached the message to the deal that he did it to “save” the world, similar to his mission at Tesla, SpaceX or Neuralink.

Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. Image: Reuters

At the TED conference in April, the billionaire confirmed that he did not buy Twitter to make money. He wants the platform’s content management policy to be lenient, limiting indefinite usage bans and short-term changes. “I think it’s important to have a comprehensive platform for free speech. Twitter is becoming a digital plaza where issues that are important to the future of humanity are discussed, and people can express their opinions freely without being bound by the law,” Musk said. .

The Tesla CEO specifically emphasized that “this deal is about protecting the future of human civilization and not about business issues.”

Later, during a conversation with Twitter employees, Musk reiterated this message: “I want Twitter to contribute to a better and more sustainable civilization where we better understand the nature of reality. Finance”. The billionaire also did not forget to add, “Twitter has extraordinary potential, I will unlock it.”

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Musk’s continued emphasis on this mission is seen by experts as a carefully planned scenario. This is completely consistent with the messages Tesla sent when he built SAP X. All for the future of mankind. The “Save the World” campaign has also brought Elon Musk a huge fan base on Twitter.

Why does Musk want to abandon the deal?

Contrary to the larger reason for buying Twitter as stated above, Musk raised two ambiguous issues for the exit.

The first is that Twitter did not provide him with sufficient data to determine the number of virtual accounts available. The second reason is that some employees, including Twitter executives, have been laid off. According to analysts, these are vague arguments. Twitter leadership has also decided to approach the court against Elon Musk.

The South African-born billionaire has repeatedly questioned Twitter’s report that the number of spam accounts on the platform is less than 5%. On July 7, Twitter held an online meeting to explain how to determine which accounts on the platform are bots or spam. The company also claims that the 5% figure is correct.

According to The Verge, that’s just a small problem for a man who can take on the mission of “saving the Earth.” If Musk says that the 5% figure Twitter provides will affect revenue calculations, it contradicts his earlier statement that he “doesn’t care about the business.”

Musk’s second reason is also counterintuitive, as the layoffs didn’t cause the social network to collapse. Twitter is still business as usual, and the company’s employees are still working hard every day.

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Some experts suggest that Musk may have realized he wasn’t the person who could change the world on Twitter, and that he lied about his lofty visions from the start.

Khuong Nha (o The Verge)

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