Communicating with the latest version of Ericsson 5G …

Communicating with the latest version of Ericsson 5G ...
Ericsson, Swisscom Partners 5G.
Ericsson and Swisscom are partners in 5G.

As I mentioned in this column When 5G arrived in Switzerland, this technology came in practically two forms. In a recent blog post, Ericsson pointed out that 5G is not only in non-standalone or “non-standalone” (NSA) mode, but also in free or “standalone” (SA) mode … sorry?

As pointed out Swisscom’s device distribution partner, most of the first deployments of 5G networks were set up in NSA mode. Obviously, this means that these 5G networks depend on existing 4G infrastructure. The idea is to take advantage of 4G coverage. Operators are adding some functionality needed to meet the new 5G standard. This shortcut enabled 5G commercialization in 2019 itself.

Get the “real” 5G down

But, maybe there is! Of course, this deployment does not make it possible to take advantage of all the possibilities of 5G, which sometimes explains the non-destructive effects as one might think, especially in the case of latency, i.e. network response, so to speak. Simply.

Standalone mode or SA, 5G is 5G that works “on its own” without relying on existing 4G infrastructure. So it’s a crucial and long-term option for 5G, says Ericsson. To achieve this, various technical restrictions must be met. The core network must be 5GObviously, the terminals must be compatible.

More responsive with better chances

Ericsson believes that this new 5G will provide better support for all usage cases and unleash the power of next-generation mobile technology. He clearly cites quick response times, as well as the possibility of setting up network slicing, i.e. simply “slices” of networks.

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This possibility allows you to cut a network into individualized virtual pieces to support specific usage cases or different users. For example, extreme gamers who require a very low latency experience, an industrial application with a remote warehouse with thousands or millions of sensors on a single network. Not to mention the traffic. In short, a very important business opportunity to ensure a certain quality of service …

And in Switzerland? On the Swissom side, we are planning and testing “independent 5G, but we’re not able to provide exact details yet. , ”Said spokeswoman Alicia Richon.

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