Commission to Ireland, specify compulsory shipping – Europe

Commission to Ireland, specify compulsory shipping - Europe

Brussels – The European Commission has sent a letter to the Irish authorities. He also demanded clarification on the liability of shipbuilding in some government-appointed hotels. It was activated yesterday for all travelers from 5 member countries, including Italy. A spokesman for the European Union (EU) said in a statement that it was “concerned” that the Irish government had “taken action in relation to the general principles of EU law” in a “disproportionate and non-discriminatory” manner.

“Ireland can achieve public health goal through minimal control measures during pandemic”, The spokesperson reminded that member states should also guarantee “clear concessions for essential travel”. In addition to Italy, this liability also applies to travelers from France, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg. “We urge the Irish authorities to bring their actions further in line with European conditions,” the spokesman added. Ireland has ten days to reply to the letter.

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