Comiso Airport in Coma: 66.8 percent less movement and 73.8 percent fewer passengers due to Kovid – Comiso

Aeroporto di Comiso in coma: 66,8% di movimenti e 73,8% di passeggeri in meno a causa del covid

During the year of the epidemic and the partial closure of air traffic, Comiso Airport saw a decline of 66.8 percent (772) and 73.8 percent (92.459) of passengers. The ENAC Annual Report contains data on air traffic data for 2020 compared to the previous year. Comiso’s figures are heavy but include the national average, as ENAC saw a 72.5% drop in traffic.

Traffic – a note highlights – was strongly influenced by the crisis created by Kovid, which caused strong contractions. “At certain times of the year the average is -72.5% less than -90% – says General Manager Alessio Quaranta – a phenomenon never recorded in modern civil aviation, but more or less consistent growth over time”.

In a more general analysis, 45 Italian airports are inspected, with Rome Phimisino Airport still topping the list in terms of passenger numbers, behind Milan Malpensa, Bergamo and Catania. Fontanerosa saw a 64.1 percent drop in passengers. It has experienced the lowest percentage among the top 5 Italian airports. With the onset of spring and the expected increase in summer, air traffic is recovering slightly, but above all, management companies are being forced to plan to recover lost land from drastic measures due to the pandemic. At the moment, Alitalia is the only locomotive in service on the weekend, but Ryanair has announced that it will resume operations from Pio La Tora from May.

In fact, flights to Brussels-Chalroy, Milan-Malpensa, Pisa and Frankfurt-Han can already be booked. Bi-weekly routes were suspended in January after the Irish carrier cut its network due to an epidemic. Two new connections will be added to these routes for Ego Airways’ Florence and Forele, which will depart in June. This is the case with summer, pandemic permitting, but for Ryanair, the Irish low cost should be taken into account in the context of new aircraft in service with significant investment from Catania, Palermo and Trapani. Comizo and EasyJet, which announced their presence at Hyblan Airport with connections to Milan and Berlin, should not be considered, but even at that moment there was silence.

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