Coming soon to Egypt.. Everything you need to know about the new mobile SIM

تطبق قريبا في مصر.. كل ما تريد معرفته عن شريحة المحمول الجديدة ESIM

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

In the coming days, Egypt’s Telecom Regulatory Authority is preparing to announce rules for activating ESIM integrated electronic communication cards to replace the old SIM cards (lines) issued to subscribers by mobile companies.

Media reports stated that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is currently negotiating with 4 international technology companies to develop ESIM technology in Egypt on mobile phones, including French media.

The new integrated ESIM card operating system includes a data center and a new technology system that allows customers to quickly transfer customer numbers from one operator to another.

She added that the new system will help in reducing the theft of mobile phones and the customer can easily stop his mobile device.

An ESIM electronic chip is a digital SIM card that allows customers to activate a data package from a telecom company without using a physical SIM, and the user can install 8 or more of them on iPhone phones and use the same number. Time.

An ESIM chip is a communication chip embedded inside the motherboard of a phone or smart device.

It was first announced in the Apple Gear Watch, then appeared in smartphones for the first time in the Google Pixel phone, and later spread to iPhone phones.

The chip is installed inside the device, so the user cannot install and remove it, only he can manipulate it externally, so he can load any SIM card into it. He just needs to select the phone network he wants and the data is automatically downloaded to the eSIM, which is like a real SIM card.

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One of the advantages of ESIM chip and electronic chip is that it facilitates the operation of Internet of Things technology, so you can connect everything to the Internet through this chip.

The SIM allows you to move more flexibly between telcos. With the same phone, you can connect to Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat and Y networks without having to change the SIM or install a new one.

This technology will help reduce the cost of calls because it will allow the user to move between telecommunication networks, which will increase competition between them to offer better prices.

This ends the problem of roaming and the cost of expensive internet packages in roaming, you can switch to a local internet in the country you have gone to.

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