Comet Leonard will be closest to Earth tonight, find out in detail

Comet Leonard will be closest to Earth tonight, find out in detail

New Delhi: About 70-80 thousand years ago today, the pilgrimage to the Sun (Sun Pilgrimage). Comet Leonard is the brightest comet ever to reach Earth in so many days. It runs at a speed of 61 kilometers per second. The Leonard comet was closest to Earth on Sunday night, about 35 million kilometers away. That’s about 3,600 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. It takes the Sun about 70,000 years to orbit space once and return from space.

The C / 2021 AL comet was first discovered in January this year by astronomer George J. Leonard. The comet was named Leonard. But this is the last thing he sees in the solar system. Scientists say they will orbit the Sun and then launch into space from the Solar System. So there is no chance of coming back.

Scientists say there are currently 3,600 comets in the Solar System. When the comet Leonard was first seen, it was found in the center of the NGC 4631 galaxy. On January 3, 2022, it will be closest to the Sun. Prior to that, the Leonard comet was visible from around the world throughout December. It can be seen in the eastern sky. It can be seen before sunrise. The Leonard Comet can still be seen after sunset on December 14th. However, the best way to see the Leonard Comet is on December 16th.

However, even at a distance of millions of kilometers, the Leonard comet is not consciously visible. Conversely, if you close your eyes on the telescope for a long time, you can see that it is moving slightly forward.

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Scientists have also argued why Leonard called the comet the brightest. They say the comet Leonard may have orbited the Sun once 60,000 years ago. After so many days away from the sun, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and carbon monoxide cooled in it. Now they are slowly evaporating when exposed to sunlight again. Comet Leonard shines more because of him. However, according to NASA, the brightness of comet Leonard is gradually diminishing.

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