Comet Leonard: When will the new movie hit Earth?

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Leonard’s Comet is one of the many comets NASA has discovered in the universe, but it is the only comet that will pass close to Earth in the near future. The Leonard comet appears in the image below, recently captured by NASA and, according to the space agency, will pass relatively close to Earth somewhere by mid-December, visible to anyone.

Leonard’s comet is visible even to ordinary people who do not look at the sky with a telescope, but of course we need to look very carefully at the area of ​​the sky through which it passes. In January of this year, scientists discovered the comet Leonard, which was first spotted near Mars, during which time it traveled through the Solar System and came close to Earth during this period.

Comet Leonard: When will the new movie hit Earth?

Imagine Comet Leonard NASA
Photo: Dan Bartlett

Comet Leonard has a high brightness, so ordinary people who know where to look can see it in the sky, even without a telescope. NASA says Comet Leonard now has a green mane that is observed by telescopes and captured in the image above, so if you have a telescope, you know exactly where to look to see how it travels through the Solar System.

Comet C / 2021 A1 (Leonard) was discovered as a faint spot when it erupted from Mars in January 2021 – but its orbit will pass close to Earth and Venus, a large ice ball flowing into the inner Solar System. In December. Before orbiting the Sun in early January 2022. Although comets are notoriously predictable, some figures show that Leonard’s comet will be visible to the naked eye in December. ”

Comet Leonard was photographed in 62 images, so NASA can produce the image above because it is traveling through the Solar System at high speed at this time. It is clear from NASA’s estimates that the Leonard comet will reach the Sun’s crust in January 2022, after which it will continue to move through the universe far from the Solar System and through our galaxy.

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Comet Leonard will be analyzed by NASA researchers as they orbit the Earth, so it is not excluded to find out about other important discoveries made during this period.

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