Column from PEERlinale – HERZOG Kultur

Column from PEERlinale - HERZOG Kultur
Peer Kling. Photo: Giza Stein

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It is the largest public festival in the world. I’m happy and thankful that it happened. Everything is there. It’s absolutely exciting. To me it’s like an annual family reunion. I have known many of my colleagues for years. We talk about movies, discuss questions, and speculate about the potential for success of aspiring bears. Many films, especially each competition film, have the opportunity to meet the producers and ask questions. What separates a podium is the director, let me say, the production and mostly the main actors, yes, a few genders.

Photo: Andreas Hoffer / Pandora Film

This year, the Berlin International Film Festival is booming in the backyard. In all theaters, every second seat should remain free. Berlin has never been so quiet for me, and this is already my 33rd. No dispute for seats. Along with the seat ticket, the designated seat is guaranteed to all the lucky ones who have passed the ticket three minutes before the start of the performance. Nothing is non-existent: In a competitive film, an American-speaking man stands in front of the screen in Berlin’s largest cinema, the Berlin Palace, and shouts that he thinks the use of this space is discriminatory. No applause but no shaking. Journalists from all over the world are coming. Unlike the people who buy the tickets, they have to be tested every day because they are in so much contact with each other, and with the cinematographers, but the “testing” is perfectly arranged.

Isabelle Huppertz. Photo: 247films

The two converted buses are parked directly in front of the main movie theaters. A beautiful young woman tickles my nose with a test stick and says: “Then I have to take your nose.” I have to say with a laugh: “I can follow and have fun and understand.” Who does she dare to tell? This verse. I’m proud of it and give it my all in terms of attractiveness. The stars will be far away, they do not want to get sick or are already sick like Isabelle Hubert, unfortunately she could not collect the honorary Golden Beer for the work of her life. She stars as a successful publisher in About John, directed by Laurent Larivier. A web of dream-like events, shattered reports and memories is woven into Ireland, France and Germany. Also: Lars Edinger in the role of a crazy writer.

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The interest in Berlin is huge. Movie tickets for all sections ran out in minutes. We can only order tickets to the press two days in advance. It provides justice and equal opportunities. Tickets are emailed to mobile phones. If this little microcomputer crashes or is stolen, I’ll have to go home to Sugar Beat or buy a new one immediately and recover the data from the cloud. I set the alarm once at 12:00 to reserve tickets. I realized that it always starts at 7:30 in the morning. The early bird defeats the owl at night. Less than a minute later, the first pictures are already “sold out”. No, that’s not a complaint. I will not allow anything to come to Berlinale.

Speaking of what’s to come: In the context of this Herzog magazine, what’s a little illegal? Yes, bang. First of all: Dear Cornell, Include Andreas Dressen’s Rabbi Kurnas vs. George W. Bush in your program as soon as possible. A title that seems a little careless may need a little explanation. Rabbi Kurnas is the mother of Murat Kurnas, who grew up in Bremen and was imprisoned and tortured in a U.S. Guantanamo prison camp in Cuba from 2002 to 2006. Dreson followed the story at the time. Later, a producer offered him to read Murat’s Five Years of My Life. Dresen, who has a strong sense of justice, has been one of the nine judges of the Constitutional Court in the state of Brandenburg since 2012, and one hears and marvels, and has now turned the material into a feature film in his own way.

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Andreas Dressen. Photo: Andre-Rohner

Unlike the film “5 Years of Life” written by Stephen Schaller in 2013, he tells the story from his mother’s point of view, a stroke of genius, because his portrayal of his mother is so magnificent. So it’s not surprising that Meltem Kaplan won the Silver Beer Award for Best Performance. By the way, the bundle of energy resides in the colon. Dresden’s picture is the only one to win silver twice. Laila Styler won the Silver Beer Award for Best Screenplay. Born in Gera, 1963, Andreas Dresen recently represented the Berlinale competition in cinemas with his film ‘Gunderman’, and in 2013 with the films “Natchezjestalton”, “Half Staircase” and “When We Dreamed”. Member. I was able to follow the broadcast of the awards ceremony at the Cinemax Ex. Andreas Dressen is very happy. The original Kurnas and this pioneer lawyer were guests in Berlin. They have supported the making of the film to the best of their ability. The comedy film, which is actually based on a very bitter subject, is finally getting an apology from the federal government, not only knowingly, but deliberately delaying the case at the time and torturing the completely innocent Murat Kurnas for years. Yes, “Really!” This line is the mother’s running gag in the movie, and may get “wings” similar to “I’m done”.

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