Colors of the motherland | NASA astonishes world: New evidence of life on Mars

كوكب المريخ


NASA has discovered new signs of life on Mars after the Curiosity spacecraft returned with evidence that the rocks collected by the rover contained organic carbon.

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has explored the wreckage of six different locations and discovered a cycle. Carbon In addition, the British Lad Bible website states that these samples are similar to the fossil remains of microorganisms discovered by researchers in Australia.

Details of organic carbon samples from Mars

“The samples are similar to those taken in Australia from 2.7 billion years old fossils as a result of the biological activity of ancient microbes when methane was ingested,” said Professor Christopher House, lead author of the study from Penn State. University of the United States British newspaper “Metro”.

The “House” explains that there are a number of conditions under which they assume that they are the result of this organic carbon, which experts describe as three special conditions that are unconventional and different from normal processes. Land.

Carbon sample areas

In a scientific study conducted by Professor Christopher and his research team, scientists believe that the Curiosity rover’s exploration of Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, focused on this particular area, the crater Gill. The lake is about 3.5 billion years old.

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