Colorful Irish village that looks like it was built with Lego


In the county LimerickIn Ireland, there is a village with colorful houses that look like something outside the Lego box. I.S. Village of Adare, Southwest of the island, is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The center of the country dates back to the 13th century and provides an in-depth insight into the history of Irish villages. The Roofs covering cottages They speak of a perfectly rural past.

Stone huts were needed Lord Dunraven In the nineteenth century, the streets and architecture of the village were redesigned. They housed the workers who worked on his property Manor H.S. (Now converted into an luxury hotel), its fields and cigarette factory, Adare Cigarette Company. Adare is famous for its tobacco plantations.


The colorful buildings on the roof now include local handicraft shops, galleries, pubs, inns, bed and breakfast.


In addition to the beautiful huts, the Atare is full of historic buildings. Is beautiful Desmond Castle Since the fourteenth century, fortified walls have been built for defensive purposes. Stone bridge Myg River, A tributary Shannon, The building of the Augustinian Priory, which was suppressed during the reign of King Henry VIII and later donated to the Irish Church.



Overall, Adare is very elegant, with dozens of couples choosing to celebrate their wedding every year.

The village is also a starting point Unauthorized excursions in the surrounding area. One of the most recommended gains Knockfierna, You can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding counties of Claire, Kerry, Tipperary and Cork from a hill that was born from the corner of an ancient volcano. The whole area is surrounded by huts inhabited by poor peasants. Many trails start from here to explore this area of ​​Limerick and the interior of Ireland.



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