College students celebrated St. Patrick’s Day

College students celebrated St. Patrick's Day

On Tuesday, March 23, a sunny day, students of College Montes et Lax celebrated the Irish Feast of the Irish Patron Saint, “St. Patrick’s Day”.

All students and teachers wore green. “Green, white and orange” balloons in the colors of the Irish flag were hovering in the yard.

All college students actively participated in the many activities offered throughout the day. First, a Giant Goose game and two escape games: produced at Waterford Hospital and Leprechauns Cave on the 6th and 5th, respectively, and in English only. The teams started this challenge in eight groups: Win with the best time to get out of each escape game and answer the questions of the giant Goose game.

Then, the word scramble, the quizzes on the theme of the day, as well as the math brain all shook their heads in English.

Finally, through sporting activity, they were able to discover “Harling”, a collective sport of Irish descent, and during the musical workshop, they sang Les Ballads Irlandise without forgetting the lakes of the corner!

It is a very intense day. When there was no time for snacks, the lunch was in Irish colors, all in green, covered with a nice piece of brownie. Thus the students fell into the heart of Irish culture for a day. Mrs. Bartholomew, an English teacher who failed to organize a trip to the Irish this year, made sure that Ireland came to them with her Leprechauns colleagues! It was such a success that everyone wanted more!

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