Collects stories of “harassment and discrimination” within the company … Create an “Apple to” website

Collects stories of "harassment and discrimination" within the company ... Create an "Apple to" website

A few weeks before the unveiling of the latest Apple phones, a website Phone Arena A specialist in mobile phone news has leaked what the new look of the iPhone 13 phones is, which may contain larger cameras and is slightly different from previous versions, he said.

Upcoming versions of the site include: iPhone 13, iPhone mini, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 pro max.

Pictures showing the sizes of the new iPhones published by Sweatpipe

Show pictures posted on the site MacCult For the new iPhone portfolio, the revealing camera phones will be 8 percent larger than the Model 12 phones, while the size increase will reach 15 percent on the Pro phones.

The site said that all 2021 models will use sensor-shift technology to stabilize videos and reduce the effect of hand shaking during shooting.

Pictures showing the sizes of the new iPhone cases published by Sweatpipe

Pictures showing the sizes of the new iPhone cases published by Sweatpipe

This technology works by adjusting the sensors and sensors on the phone to increase the resolution of the image even during vibrations.

Experts also expect the new cameras to be “much” broadly improved.

These changes are expected to include the development of a battery with a capacity of “over 4 thousand mAh”.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 are rumored to have 3,095 mAh batteries, 10% more than the 2,815 mAh batteries used in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Predictable changes include small changes in the location of the power and volume buttons, as well as changes to the screen to save battery in proportion to the type of usage.

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