Colin Farrell said he appeared as a penguin in a few scenes

Colin Farrell He is an actor who attracts attention in every project he participates in. For this reason, when he attends Batman Like him Penguin bird, Many fans celebrated this decision Matt Reeves To include the Irish in the leading project Robert Pattinson. The decision was further applauded as footage from the set was leaked to an unidentified actor in makeup Oswald Pebble Pot.

However, Farrell took advantage of an interview to make it clear that his participation in the film was not as important as the fans. ” I’m only in five or six scenes. I can not wait to see the movie, because I did not ruin it in my presence. “, The actor said: “This is a promotion for me. The nine minutes I show are a little disturbing and I can’t wait to see what Matt did in this story. “

Colin Farrell talked about The Batman

It’s time for the commentator to talk about the effects of COVID-19 on the set of the film: “While we were filming, Kovid began to take over the world, and in March 2020 I went to London. There are four or five weeks of work left. “

Something happened that production initially denied: Infectious disease of the hero. “Then we go back Robert Pattinson He was ill. M ***** or Batman Do you have COVID? “, Farrell said about the circumstances under which the project members and the actor directing it must have gone through.

The cast of the film is included So Cravitz as Selena Coyle, Paul Dano as Edward Nation, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, John Tarturo as Carmine Falcon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth. Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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