Colebrelli in 2021 Italy Gold

Colebrelli in 2021 Italy Gold

The amazing achievement of Sony Colebrelli It’s not the end of the magical 2021 of Italian sports at the Paris-Rbeux, it’s not over yet: what can Beretini do in the ATP finals in Turin? However, after each victory, the current patriotic emphasis must be shaped by a more general and in some way uncomfortable discourse: what is the specific weight of these victories? In other words, beyond the nature of the competition (Olympics, World Championships, Europeans, etc.), which of the Italian victories or even the placements will actually survive in history? With three months left until the end of 2021, our dubious and inevitably partial rankings are below.

Gold Medal A. without a doubt Marcel Jacobs: It’s harder to imagine a more glorious and difficult victory than the 100 meters at the Olympics, the European record at 9 80 80 being complete. However, the boycott of the United States and other countries reduced the credibility of the Italian.

He won a silver medal at the European ChampionshipsMancini’s Italy, Not only for the obviously non-detailed result, but above all for the weather, as well as the vague excitement from Italy ’90, the coach was able to create within and around the team. Gathering the support of the Italians, who were not even in the blue jersey in midfield, Mancini as a player is always more valuable than the World Cup survivor, and Vicini did not give him even a minute. The methods of overcoming Belgium, Spain and hosts England in the final are also important. A rise from the 82nd World Cup, a dream come true for Qatar.

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Bronze Medal a Matteo Beretini Wimbledon finalist Djokovic loses but no Italian tennis player goes anywhere: most semifinals to Pietrangali, most quarterbacks. With a very high specific weight for the most universal, you will be competing with the best sport at that level at every level, and with a champion like Berettini who has everything it takes to win a Grand Slam on the hard or grass after Djokovic. Serbian is still in business.

Fourth place and own timber medal a Colebrelli, In other years it would have been an Italian company. Think of Moscow’s misfortune as a Roubaix dramatized by its unprecedented location and development. Colebrell’s history and the difficult moment of Italian cycling made it all the more beautiful, especially at the professional team level. The globalized new cycling has cut off the Italian-Belgian-French ‘patrons’ with Italian-Belgian-French traction to a certain extent, which is not a bad thing, of course there is a culture and passion that still allows you in Italy. To find Colebrellis.

Fifth placeMen’s Basketball Italy, The quarter-finals of the Olympics were a great result but the defeat against France was full of regrets but not for the placement. Sachetti’s national team qualified beyond qualification by beating Serbia in a hostile atmosphere at the pre – Olympic tournament in Belgrade, and Sachetti himself was on the verge of elimination. Instead, the coach made an achievement in some ways similar to Mancini’s, inspiring an environment that was adapting to good and often bad defeats.

In sixth place, five exo to avoid making too many mistakes. There Men’s 4×100 Athletics Relay At the Tokyo Games, Great Britain’s disqualification would at least erode our interest in the enterprise. Olympic silver in the relay Men’s 4×100 freestyle And bronze in it Mixture, Indicators of a large strength of motion. Gold of TokyoMen’s team pursuit, Filippo Ganna with the driver. Victory of V. AssuriOlli all Europe Played after the games, giving opponents and de Georgia summons in terms of generational change, heavier than girls. Despite the victories, it is undisputed that Italy competes in almost every sport, but ours is a dubious list. Then in assignments it can go good or bad, but in general we are there. Too much self-inflicted flag, and we will say the same when we are not successful in the next few years.

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