Cold, Snowfall in the Alps, and Spring: Weekend Weather

Cold, Snowfall in the Alps, and Spring: Weekend Weather

In the end, rather than a hard comeback, it can be a bit weird like winter, sometimes “floppy”, but in its own way it ends the third weekend in March in the spring. From East to West – The film is about Arctic models imagining the sea to start a whirlwind of rain and snow in Piedmont.

However, the center of this depression is not very close to our “corner”, but a little further south. So, a few centimeters between Wednesday and Thursday night whitened the Alps above 1500 m (10 cm in Limon Pancacani and Montola). , Soon afternoon clearings.

In any case, Fiochi will descend slightly below the altitude of the entire alpine arc, especially in the Kosi and Maritime regions, and on the hilly and valley floor heights (550–600 m). Anyway, it could be a few millimeters of water or snow mixed in the water, which can sometimes recreate the phenomenon of “round snow” experienced yesterday in Liguria.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the day of the spring equinox, with the resumption of clear skies, the sun will remain in the morning with a broken temperature and a maximum temperature not rising above 9-11 degrees. In the evening, alpine clouds descend into the valley in flakes. On Sunday, it will be calm and cold, ignoring the sun, and a return to high pressure will open.

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