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Cold showers, less light: how Europe can save energy

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LEnergy calm during the European period. Although the summer is not over yet, the English daily Guardian There was interest in all the little gestures imposed across the member states to get through the next winter. The question is the possibility of Russian gas cuts in the coming weeks or months. To this end, last July, almost all members of the European Union, except Hungary, agreed to voluntarily reduce their gas consumption by at least 15%.

A few weeks after this agreement at the European level, various European capitals are entering the application phase. The first example is a significant reduction in the use of air conditioning in public spaces. In Greece, Spain or Italy, air conditioning equipment can no longer be started in summer below 27 degrees. Next winter, Madrid even plans to ban heating of buildings open to the public if the temperature outside is above 19 degrees Celsius. This measure must be added to another, more simile. Indeed, Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called on employees to no longer wear ties. According to him, this small “change” will enable the air conditioning to be activated more frequently – that decision has not yet been fully established.

In Athens, other measures are also planned. Therefore, civil servants are invited to ensure that their workstations and computers are switched off at the end of each day. Finally, the Greek authorities put on the table an extensive plan of renovation of the windows to remove the thermal filters. 640 million euros are planned for this national renovation of public buildings.

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Even traditional Irish tea is affected

In Germany, sports halls have to make do with cold water for showers. Meanwhile, in public areas, the fountains are turned off at night, as are the spotlights of national monuments. As the country is a federal state, the economy varies from region to region. For example, in Lower Saxony, public buildings can only activate their radiators from 1 October to 31 March 2023. Maximum temperature? 20 degrees Celsius, not one. Finally, after the rush of space heaters in supermarkets, some German states have completely banned all mobile air conditioning and other fan heaters.

Although the European economic plan does not directly affect Ireland, it offers some civic gestures to the people. Therefore, the Irish government is inviting people to get off the road to save fuel and consume less at home. The national electricity supplier even made some suggestions for tea…a true national tradition. “Don’t fill the kettle. If you stop work for a coffee break, only boil the kettle for the amount you need,” Electric Ireland urges. However, as the Irish gas supply network is not connected to other European countries, the measures agreed or proposed by Brussels are not binding there.

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In France, finally, some measures have already been applied. The first, very symbolic, is “air conditioning – doors closed”. A decree is already in effect in Paris and several other large cities. According to the decision of the Ministry of Environmental Transformation last July, this measure is set to be generalized. Apart from dimming the lights in the shops, another incentive has been the subject of much discussion. Switch off Wi-Fi boxes and televisions at night or when no one is home.

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