Cold air descent next week: What are the consequences?

Cold air descent next week: What are the consequences?

Anticyclone is well anchored in our country. Looking at the pressure abnormalities, red is well represented as a synonym for positive pressure anomaly. We will be tempted to think of hot and dry weather. In fact, we would have gotten it in the summer. The consequences in winter are quite different. In fact, the anticyclone inhibits air mass transfers. Thus, cold air, which is heavier than hot air, is trapped near the ground. Cloudy and windless, the temperature drops as the sun sets and the snow sometimes hardens. Inland we arrived locally at -9 to -10 ° C several consecutive mornings.

The ubiquitous sun is gentle in the afternoon. This will change this afternoon especially tomorrow. Of course, Mistral and Tramontaine will return to our area. Cold rarely changes and localizes in areas protected from the wind. The extreme cold will be accompanied by a very cold experience. The high temperature will temporarily change between Tuesday and Wednesday. Humidity will increase as it is Tuesday evening and part of Wednesday.

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From Thursday, high pressure will be above Ireland. It will continue to protect us from the disturbances on the brink of hypothermia in Central Europe. This configuration would be ideal for establishing an anticyclonic northern current over the country, with the key to cool air descent from the Norwegian Sea (see animation above). In general, expect dry, overcast and sunny weather. This observation will be different in losers with more cloudy periods.

Initially, frosts are rare due to strong winds across the region. Of course, this descent of cold air will give the first result of the strong and very cold wind bringing us with an emphasis on the winter feeling. Next weekend, with the gradual calm of the wind, the high pressure will be back in our country. Cold can return by changing the generality of our plains. In some places the cold may be severe. By then it will be updated gradually, but the reliability is good.

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Finally, the pattern should be repeated with conditions that remain anticyclonic despite the wet interval between Tuesday and Wednesday. As a result, windy cold temperatures can be expected for the next few days, before returning to severe frosts in windless areas by next weekend. Therefore, these are winters that continue without the actual excess or phenomenon worthy of the name.

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