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About 30 Ukrainian delegates (parliamentarians from RADA, representatives of the Promo Ukraine Association and refugees) will attend a conference on the future of Europe in Strasbourg this weekend. Some of them will take the stage to share their experiences on the topic of “European Union in the World”.

Date: Friday, March 11, 2022 and Saturday, March 12, 2022 (including preparatory meetings, working group meetings, and political meetings).

Liu: European Parliament in Strasbourg with physical and distant participation.

How to follow the event: Full details are available on this Media Advisory.

40 Recommendations Prepared by a panel of European citizens meeting in Maastricht (Netherlands) from February 11 to 13 on “The EU / Migration of the World” 48 Recommendations Panel on “Strong Economy, Social Justice, Employment / Education, Culture, Youth, Sport / Digital Transformation” concludes February 25-27 in Dublin (Ireland). These recommendations and ideas on the same topics from the National Citizens’ Panels will now be presented and discussed at the Plenary of the Conference in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The Plenary Assembly of the Conference discusses the recommendations made by panels of national and European citizens, as well as the contributions collected. Multilingual digital platform, Grouped by theme. Based on the consensus, the Plenary Assembly will present its recommendations to the Executive Council. The report will be prepared in full cooperation with the Plenary Assembly and in a transparent manner. Agenda of the Plenary Session Available here.

The panels elected 80 citizens (20 per panel) to represent them in the Plenary Assembly of the Assembly. The last plenary session was held on January 21 and 22 in Strasbourg. Here you will find all the relevant documents for download in the coming weekend along with more information on the structure, purpose and function of the Plenary Assembly. Conference Plenary Web Page.

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The four European Citizens’ Panels are a process led by citizens and the cornerstone of the Conference on the Future of Europe. About 200 Europeans of all ages and backgrounds from all member countries came together at each panel (individually and remotely) to discuss and make recommendations on the challenges facing Europe today and in the future. Their discussions are based on input from citizens across Europe Multilingual digital platform Events organized across member countries, supported by presentations by eminent academic and other experts.

Contributions of EU citizens to the conference submitted by Multilingual digital platform Until February 20, it will be included in the final report on March 17. However, citizens can still make donations on the platform to allow the debate to continue online. Contributions submitted after February 20 may be subject to a final report after May 9.

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