Cobra kayak jumper with instructor tour: ‘good company’; See | The world

Cobra kayak jumper with instructor tour: 'good company';  See |  The world

In Argentina, a snake jumps on a kayak with an instructor’s tour

When a kayak instructor in Argentina was paddling earlier this month, he was terrified and suddenly a snake jumped on his boat. Alejandro Pons de Leon did not miss that opportunity to record films while remaining as calm as possible. On his Instagram profile, the Argentine posted three photos of the snake under his kayak, which went viral.

In each post, the instructor used a good-natured phrase about the experience, namely: “Come with me”, “Do not hesitate”, “A kayak trip with a good company of an eagle”. (Watch the video below).

Facing the repercussions, he released a statement this Wednesday, the 17th, about the school episode in which he works.

β€œWe want to tell you exactly what happened,” the beginning of the post says.

The Alma di Rio Kayak School explained that they decided to comment after seeing a series of misinformation about photos circulating on social networks.

“On a school trip, it happened when a snake came to swim across the river near La Florida Spike. Alejandro, le alejandro.poncedeleon.798, a school teacher, took a photo when he saw her,” he added. .

The agency said the snake was identified as a bite from the Jararaka and Rattlesnake families and was dangerous to eat.

According to the Post, the shape of the snake in the kayak was created by Alejandro’s “sum of money” and “adrenaline at the same time”.

“He talks to her, tells her to calm down, and he’s going to take her to the shore. # Urutu curls up when someone rowing moves and shows her horrible voices, so he slowly decides to calm down urutu”, reports.

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“After a while, the deck starts to fall down against Urdu Alejandro, and for his composure he decides to get off the #kiyak and continue swimming to the destination”, he says of the stress: “Incredible experience !!!!!”

Urticaria (Botrope alternatorus) lives in terrestrial and aquatic environments and is found in South American countries.

Swimming The Alma de Rio Kayak School explains that it expends a lot of energy from this snake, looking for a place to climb and relax. But be warned:

“It’s not uncommon for a snake to climb on top of a kayak, and in this case it’s best to let it rest. If it approaches, run into the water with a paddle. We’ll more likely to encounter something similar on land, so it’s important to identify this species and see if it is poisonous.”

The publication also recommends that when someone comes face-to-face, “it is important to remain calm so as not to feel threatened, because she only attacks when she feels attacked.”

β€œThe best option is to stand still and go slowly,” he says.

In conclusion, the organization saved the lives of these animals, despite the potential dangers:

“Killing people we don’t like or fear is absolutely harmful, harmful to the environment and meaningless. We choose not to kill them, we inform ourselves and take care of ourselves.”

A similar incident that caught the attention of internet users took place in Australia in 2018, as shown in the video below, from 1 minute 20 seconds. The proximity of the snake trying to climb into the bowl scares the kayak staff. check out:

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