Coach Di Tommaso: “He will be a young Lanciano but has the desire to impress”

Coach Di Tommaso: "He will be a young Lanciano but has the desire to impress"

The curtain will officially rise on Saturday 8 with the challenge at Nuevo Basket Aquilano, (both on the 18th). C Gold dell’Unibasket Lanciano: This confirms the fact that Frentani underwent a deep restructuring of the roster in the summer Only three main characters Last season saw the inclusion of a number of Italian and foreign prospects, hoping their talent and enthusiasm would lead the group to a tournament that appeared without a “dominant” team. Very level up. A third consecutive season at the helm of the Rossoneri Coach Fabio Di Tommaso from Pescara He will continue as the technical manager of the youth wing. We asked him what his feelings were tonight and his goals for this new season. “Like every year – says the coach – there is tension and the right feeling on the eve of a new championship: ours will be Practically a new team Completely comprised of under-nineteen boys, with three seniors added to it, our aim was to grow and improve every player in the first team, which was also a concept. As per our corporate policy. This year – Di Tommaso continues – foresees five places for the championship playoffs, no relegation, so there are stronger teams that are not equipped to fight for the top positions, We always try to make a good impression And a quiet tournament while trying to take away as much satisfaction as possible ».

Fabio Di Tommaso, coach for the third year on the Frentana bench

As we said the new Lanciano It is a strongly renewed team Many below and only three senators (Ucci, Munjic, Muffa) confirmed: so we ask Di Tommaso to tell us about this new group: “The boys are young, but they really want to train and do well: there is the right ambition. We know And because of difficulties Because a certain lack of experience must also be taken into account: however, I am sure that there may be an exponential growth that tries to fill some gaps and limits during the season. Among the newcomers are the Irish Marinkovich Born as a keeper but can also be used as a playmaker, there is Stefano, an Argentinian born in 2003. Alesso. There is no shortage – the coach underlines – of Italian talents such as Guard Cicchetti, Giampa, Ciaroni and Cesarino arriving from the Isernia Basketball Academy, not forgetting the two athletes of 2006 Kamate and Sissy Major characters already in Eybl. Our average age is 19 years and 6 months and there is still a slot in the winger role with an under athlete due to arrive in the next few days: obviously I focus a lot on charisma. On the experience of Nikola Munjić, Carlo Mufa and Giandomenico Ucchi It is very important in the economy of the team ».

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At the end of this interview we ask Di Tommaso to tell us about it New Basket Aquilano, a team that beat Lanciano on both occasions last year, but that has always provided a lot of trouble. “L’Aquila is a great team that has restarted Secchi’s Confirmation Even with the departure of the Lithuanian Klevinskas: they entered later Nessie is an Argentinian drama Very strong and long Michele d’Ambrosio Angelo. These grafts have certainly raised the physical and athletic level of the roster: to lead them – concludes the Unibasket coach – the coach is back Marcelo Subiran It focuses a lot on characteristics like running and intensity: I expect an aggressive and combative opponent, he will run a lot, but on our side we try to train better. To prepare us for the debut ».

Greg Marinkovich is one of UniBasket’s newcomers
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