CNN Pandit justifies Twalab’s retweet of anti-Israel slogan “Palestine will be free from river to sea”.

CNN Pandit justifies Twalab's retweet of anti-Israel slogan "Palestine will be free from river to sea".

CNN contributor Peter Bainart offered a strong defense against the rep. Rashida Twalab, D-Mich., After being accused of sharing antiIsrael Rhetoric Twitter.

On Sunday, Talab commemorated International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian people by retweeting a picture posted by Palestinian-American activist Rasha Mubarak.

“Palestine will be free from river to sea,” Mubarak tweeted.

This word in favor of Palestine has long been interpreted and criticized as a call for the abolition of the Jewish state.

Rashid Twalab adopts anti-Semitism in response to State Nominee Biden’s Jewish Security

On Monday, the pro-Israel group Democratic Majority for Israel shared a screenshot of a retweet of the Taliban and condemned the Congress woman.

“Rashida Tlieb does not oppose the West Bank’s control of Israel – this slogan means that they see the entire state of Israel as illegal and want to abolish it. This is immoral and despicable, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Binart, a commentator for the New York Times and editor of the Jewish Currents, was sworn in as a Michigan Democrat.

“Rashidalib supports 1 state in which Jews and Palestinians live equally under the same law. Why does the current 1 state have a low morale: do millions of Palestinians have citizenship, the right process, free movement + control their lives?” Bainard asked Tuesday.

Squad member Rashid Twalab, who agreed to be anti-Semitic, told the panel about anti-Semitism.

I later realized why the slogan ‘From the Palestinian River to the Sea’ seems scary. Some have used it to disregard Jewish rights (e.g. the 1st Hamas Charter). Otherwise a suggestion is suggested. “

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Bainard will appear with Twain in the panel discussion on “Dismantling Dismantling Anti-Semitism, Winning Justice” on December 15.

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Biden, who was elected president, was accused of pursuing an anti-Semitic policy last month following reports that he was choosing Jewish Anthony Blink as his secretary of state.

Twalab raised an eyebrow in 2019 after describing the “calm feeling” he experienced while thinking about the Holocaust. But the Congress woman said her words were distorted by police and critics.

Sam Dorman of Fox News contributed to this report.

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