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Clown famine in Northern Ireland

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The long Kovid crisis and the Brexit had unexpected consequences …

There is a lot of discussion in the UK about the resulting famine and the logistics issues affecting supermarket distribution as a result of the combined effect of Pandemic and Brexit. We even fear it will be Christmas Canceled (“Canceled”), not because of any action by the vigilantes, but because there were not enough toys, books, and turkeys in the stores.

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There is also a labor shortage in some areas. Fast food chains like McDonald’s have had to close outlets due to staff shortages. These problems are exacerbated in Northern Ireland, which remains partly landless due to the lack of a proper trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU. The most unintended consequence is a lack of clowns. Northern Irish circuses suffer from a lack of artists, which is no joke. According to David Duffy, CEO of one of the world’s oldest circuses, the closure of the circus during the lockdown forced many foreign artists to return to their home countries. Since this closure lasted longer in Northern Ireland than in Europe, most artists have already found deals elsewhere. The authorities’ slowness in issuing visas to clowns after the Brexit did not help.

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Today, David Duffy’s only hope is to invite Northern Irish people to audition for comedic roles. Besides, wearing a red nose is not enough to succeed in this profession. Silly Tilly, a professional by the name of Stage, explains this subtle art: Usually people do not like to laugh, but if you are a clown, your worst nightmare is that you will not laugh. “ According to the theorist Peter Buw, The clown is a talented actor who pretends not to control anything. “. This definition is the exact opposite of being tempted to give a politician.

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