Clouds, rain, thunder!

Clouds, rain, thunder!

Thanks to the high pressures that are now receding into Africa, we are still taking advantage of Spring Sunday. In the coming days, the weather will clearly worsen in all Mediterranean regions. In fact, low pressures will spread along a Scandinavia – Germany – Spain axis. In this case, a small flow from the north would affect the north of France, while a more unstable southern flow would settle in our departments.

A classic situation but it will last a long time. During the first few days of the week, thunderstorms should continue locally. By the end of the week, there will be an increase in better depression near Spain, this time causing general and structural discomfort. Let’s take stock below.

Tomorrow is Monday and the clouds will dominate the whole day. During the day it starts to rain between the Pyrenees-Oriental and Odin, where they get stormy in nature. There may also be some rain in the plains from Herald, Guard, Sevens to Loser, but they will be more punctual and scattered. Minimum collection: 0 to 5 mm in the above areas, but locally 10 mm in the Rusilon area!

Tuesday, same chorus! Many clouds and rain still spread over the area. The air mass promises to be not very unstable, limiting it without eliminating the risk of lightning. Watering of 10 mm to 2 to 5 mm locally should be expected in our departments, which is beneficial when considering drought. On Wednesday, we will still have a lot of clouds, but it will start to rain especially in the eastern part of Herald, Guard, Sevens and Loser. Below is the ARPEGE sample rain collection for the next three days:

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On Thursday, it will be a somewhat similar situation. The weather was still heavy and unstable, especially with rain in the eastern part of the region, and a mild western part of Languedoc and Rusilon. Between Friday and Saturday, you can cross an area between Spain and the Mediterranean. In this case, more generalized and more structured rain and storms will destroy our departments. This will result in more watering and less risk of hail.

The weather can only improve from next Sunday, but this should only be temporary. Considering the long-term forecasts, the context should be less in view of the risk of widespread rain and thunderstorms in May.

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