Closing the nightmare before Christmas, the idea of ​​a “super green pass” emerges

Closing the nightmare before Christmas, the idea of ​​a "super green pass" emerges

Review the rules on the Green Pass, enforce stricter measures for those who have not been vaccinated, and push for a third dose. Areas in the midst of the nightmare of closures are forcing the need to change speed, calling for a meeting with the government to prevent an increase in infections, protect Christmas and avoid the yellow, orange or red zone for all.

A meeting is expected to arrive early Monday, but the Palazzo Chigi line has not changed for the time being. On the table is only the third dose liability for health workers and the reduction of the duration of the green certificate from 12 to 9 months.

Now Luigi Di Mayo confirms that “lockdown for Wax is not a matter of decision”.

But there is a line that has recently emerged from the opinion of some virologists that some governors are married. This is a “super green pass” valid only for those who have been vaccinated and are recovering, and should be used to travel to restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, museums, and stadiums. The current supply of work and essential services will remain the same.

Austria has already adopted the “2G” model that Germany is going to adopt.

This will help avoid seeing the Orange Zone trigger near Christmas, the region’s real nightmare, “worrying about the deterioration of growth and the impact it will have on social functioning and economic recovery”. Massimiliano Federica is the president of the conference.

In Sicily, Muzumezi is trying to evade the local measures that make outdoor masks and swabs mandatory for anyone arriving from Germany and Great Britain.

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I passed – The government is slowing down because the data – compared to a year ago – speaks for itself. There were 34,282 cases and 753 deaths then, and today there are 10,638 infections and 69 victims. A year ago there were 3,670 patients in the intensive care unit and 33,504 hospitals in the general wards, today there are 503 and 4,088 respectively.

The numbers, which do not impose new closures for the time being, advise against further aggravation of the tension with the nearly 7 million people who have not been vaccinated. But, as various government officials – from Gelmini to Brunetta – have repeatedly said, it is clear that those who have not been vaccinated will have to suffer more than those who have not been vaccinated if more drastic measures are needed.

Salvini does not think so, and opposes action against no vaccine because “swab is the safest way”.

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