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Climate, UN: Global warming threatens humanity – last hour

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(ANSA) – Paris, June 23 – Global warming beyond the limits set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change “will have irreversible effects on the human system”: +1.5 degrees Celsius instead of +1.5, causing an additional 420 million people on Earth and 80 million people worldwide. Famine threatens until. This is stated in the draft report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations (UN).

Water scarcity, outbreaks, malnutrition, and species extinction: The IPCC warns that climate change will inevitably change the lives of children born in 2021 when they reach the age of 30 or older. Whatever the rate of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it will accelerate the catastrophic effects of global warming on the nature and humankind – guaranteed by the draft report – and touch painfully before 2050. The IPCC is monitoring major climate change by evolving into new species and creating new habitats – but humanity cannot. ” will not be officially released (on the handle).

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