Climate Summit Invites Lula, Consolidates Bolsonaro’s Isolation – 10/31/2022

Climate Summit Invites Lula, Consolidates Bolsonaro's Isolation - 10/31/2022

President-elect Luis Inacio Lula da Silva He was invited this Monday to attend the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP27) in Egypt in November. The directive was given by the Egyptian authorities who are hosting the event. Among diplomats, the gesture was seen as a clear message that the international community was no longer needed Jair Bolsonaro As mediator, the current president sent the Brazilian delegation that officially attends the event.

In a statement, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi hailed Lula’s victory and said he wanted to work with the new Brazilian head of state. But he also revealed that he has invited the President-elect to COP 27.

“I believe that Brazil will be able to play a positive and constructive role at the summit to promote climate action at the international level,” wrote the Egyptian president and host of one of the main diplomatic events of the year.

If Lula accepts, it will cause significant embarrassment for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. But behind the scenes, many remember that the current Brazilian president didn’t even attend the 2021 climate summit in Glasgow. At that moment, he was one of the rare leaders who didn’t make it journey to Scotland.

Lula’s team members also revealed that the president-elect’s foreign agenda will be driven by climate issues, including overcoming the credibility crisis the country is currently experiencing. Brazil does not rule out the possibility of holding an international conference on the issue.

After weeks of detailed coordination, Western democracies rushed to congratulate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s victory, sending telegrams and messages on social media Sunday night. The aim was to create a cordon sanitaire that would prevent a repeat of Jair Bolsonaro’s strategy. Donald Trump And questioning the fairness of the election.

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By congratulating Lula, what Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and many others have done is to signal confidence in the electoral process and the results of electronic voting machines. But there is a second message: they recognize that from now on, Lula holds the legal power in Brazil.

International institutions such as the Organization of American States also expressed themselves.

Bolsonaro’s isolation process was completed this Monday when Brazil’s biggest allies outside the West – China and Russia – made clear they wanted to forge a broader partnership with Lula.

And so, within 24 hours, a sort of sanitary cordon was put in place, while Lula’s advisers suggest that the search by governments and international institutions for the president-elect erupted.

A case in point is the UN climate conference in Egypt. UOL found that foreign delegations are sending delegations tasked with seeking a Brazilian transition team to discuss new understandings.

The queue for talks with Lula’s Brazil is already packed with a wider agenda, according to diplomats.

There was still hope among Europeans that Bolsonaro would allow a transition team, or even Lula, to go to the G-20 summit in Indonesia in November. But within the fir tree, the possibility is seen as “impossible”.

At the G-20, however, Brazilian diplomats have already acknowledged that it will be difficult to organize any kind of meeting for the defeated president if Bolsonaro leaves. Especially if you maintain the appearance of starting a transformational process without recognizing defeat.

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