Climate Northern Italy – Not only the African hotspot, but also the Sudanese violent thunderstorms and hail.

Climate Northern Italy - Not only the African hotspot, but also the Sudanese violent thunderstorms and hail.
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Very hot and temperamental, hit here where they are: Italy will not be the only team to face off in the next few days Dangers of African heatIt will intensify not only in the southern regions, but also in the extreme heat Strong thunder, And Hail This may sometimes affect parts of the north. This is because the African anticyclone will be surrounded by new and unstable infiltrations associated with a vortex in action in France. In the summer the balances are already very delicate so it will take very little time to unpack Heat storm, If there is one The previous factor Associated with depression a Orthographic component Connected to reliefs, ingredients to have And violent phenomena Everything is there. Something similar to what already happened on Sunday and Sunday in isolation. You already know that the most vulnerable areas are the alpine and pre-alpine regions, with local participation in the hinterlands and plains. So let’s see when and where these storms will affect.

In at least four unstable impulses: First expected Next hour With the most intense phenomena in the evening and some at night. This will mainly affect the Midwestern Alps Upper Piedmont, Valle de Osta, Upper Lombardy Phenomena that may affect the valley locally. The second front passes through almost the same area, but Wednesday in the second half. Any intrusion of phenomena in the Trivandrum plains would be dangerous.

The third is unstable motivation Looking forward to the day Thursday, The second part in the afternoon and evening. This time the expansion of the area is subject to strong thunderstorms It not only extends partially into the Middle Eastern Alps Above all Trentino is interested in the Alto Adige and locally the Venetian Dolomites, but will have Opportunities for phenomena in low-lying areas Especially in Piedmont, Lombardy, it’s more at the end of the day.

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Then there will be The fourth unstable pulse The day will pass FridayThe eastern Alps and Prialps may be mainly affected by the partial participation of valleys from the high plains of the Triveneto region.

On the weekend Later, however, another motive with other storms needs to be confirmed. Ultimately, in the coming days, alpine / pre-alpine areas will be at risk from strong phenomena, especially in the central and evening. For all details, always check the page related to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.

For more forecast details, check the appropriate section Climate Italy.

To find out if there are any alerts at your location and what type they are Our Alerts section

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