Climate-neutral business and life with Green New Deal?

Climate-neutral business and life with Green New Deal?

WA group of entrepreneurs, scientists and government representatives called the “Green New Deal” – that is, Franklin D. Based on Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, ele terms come to mind when discussing ideas on how the economy and society can be reduced to one. Is there another fundamental turning point to a climate-neutral economy and life?

In the 50-minute discussion in the Radial System Lecture Hall, obstacles, trials, opportunities, all these words came up many times, and not only: faith. The term was coined by Elsevier CEO Kumzal Biasit, and was accepted by other members of the panel. Biasit quoted George Schultz, an American politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Labor and Finance, who died in February at the age of 100, as saying: “Faith is the currency of the nation.” Get something.

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Mark Ferguson is an example of how one can gain this faith from people who are going to experience a transition to give up habits. In Ireland, the Ferguson Science Foundation guides Ireland and advises the government on scientific issues, and “Citizen Assemblies” are established to bring together randomly elected citizens and discuss socially relevant issues. As a result of such a partnership process, 100 years later, in 2018, Ireland changed its abortion law. People should not be underestimated, Ferguson said, and they should be included. Attitudes that Ferguson believes may also change later, based on reservations such as rejecting genetically modified plants. “If people realize that it can save the environment, maybe people will see it differently.” This example is apt for Ferguson, who primarily combined the transition to a climate-neutral economy with technological innovations. When asked what immediate action would be taken to achieve the 1.5 degree target, he said the commercial use of carbon dioxide needs to be explored. He referred to the reprogramming of E. coli bacteria to take carbon dioxide and convert it into sugar. A research team in Israel has had initial success in this regard.

Young people want green products

In response to a question about the key steps in the fight against global warming, nature itself referred to Andrea Noske, head of department at the Federal Ministry of Educational Research: “Nature can do it,” she said, seeing the mixture of nature. -Based and technical solutions as a right path.

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