Climate change may have led to the extinction of early humans – study

Climate change may have led to the extinction of early humans - study

Scientists believe that the inability to adapt to temperature or freezing temperatures led to the extinction of early humans.

Researchers say that only Homo sapiens survived in six or more different species of the genus Homo.

Although hominins appeared in Africa about three million years ago, they all became extinct 10,000 years ago.

The team said their findings, published in the journal One Earth, serve as a kind of warning to humans today, despite unprecedented changes in the weather.

Pascual Rയa, a professor at the University of Napoli Federico II in Naples, Italy, said: “It is disturbing to find that our ancestors were not inferior in mental strength to any other person. Earth’s organisms have not been able to cope with climate change.

“When our own species see the branches, we find that we are adapting to climate change.

“I personally consider this to be a thunderous warning message.

“Climate change has made Homo weak and helpless in the past, and it is likely to happen again.”

Researchers have been conducting climate simulations over the past five million years, examining data from 2,750 archaeological sites.

H. Habilis, H. Ergoster, h. Erectus, h. Heidelbergensis, H. Their goal was to understand how early humans, including Neanderthals, responded to climate change.

H. Erectus, h. Hydel‌bergenesis, h. Researchers say they have found strong evidence that the extinction of three homo species, Neanderthalsis, is adapting to “sharp and adverse changes in the global climate.”

In the case of Neanderthals, h. She added that the competition with the Sapphires could have been even worse.

Prof. Raya said: “Our findings show that fire and refined stone weapons, the formation of intricate social networks, – in the case of Neanderthals – glued spearheads, attached clothing, a. Good cultural and genetic exchange with Homo sapiens, past Homo species could not survive extreme climate change. ”

He added: “The pattern of climate change has taken us by surprise.

“Climate change was very clear only to endangered species and to them, just before extinction, and only at that particular moment.”

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