Clichés around the world. Does it really rain every day in Ireland?

Clichés around the world.  Does it really rain every day in Ireland?

There is a famous Irish proverb: It rains twice a week: three days the first time, then four the second time. In the heart of summer in Ireland, on a beach north of Dublin, the sky is gray and the walkers are in coats. “It’s average weather. It’s never too hot, never too cold.”, observing a stroller. For another resident,So cold and raining all the time! You cannot plan anything in advance. Finally, you can but you definitely need a Plan B!

In the water, only three people, on Mile Beach, dare to swim. “If it rained I would swim anyway!“However, a resident is assured.

“I don’t like that tourists don’t want to come to Ireland thinking it’s going to rain all the time. You put on a jumper, pull your hood up and go ahead! I don’t want that to put people off coming.”

An Irish girl


A group of girls warm up after a swim: “We work in a store and the first thing we talk to our customers about is the weather! I talk about the next sunny day to share good news.”

Talking about the weather helps create a bond between residents. “You see four seasons in one dayAn Irish woman rejoices. The weather is so different, it’s a real conversation starter. If the weather was good every day we would have nothing to say to each other. It’s windy, it’s raining, it’s humid… it’s a fun sensation!”

Fortunately, the Irish have more to offer than blue skies. “You see a lot of Americans and you know they’re not up to the weather. We’re famous for our pubs. You’ll never get wet in a pub!”Bert offers.

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The Irish climate still has some advantages, such as the taste of dairy products. Thanks to well-watered pastures, Ireland’s cows graze on quality grass and offer particularly tasty butter or curd.

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