Clichés around the world. Are the Irish obsessed with potatoes?

Clichés around the world.  Are the Irish obsessed with potatoes?

Is Ireland the land of the potato? Cliché has a tough tooth. Also, in the Irish language, there are over 40 words to describe varieties of potatoes or different ways of cooking them.

One of the Potato Temples is the island’s only amusement park. Potatoes… Especially the very popular crisps brand name in Ireland.

For example, these teenage girls took their free package on the way out: “In the movie, my thing is a big bag of crisps to share… not popcorn!”, launching the first. “Agree 100%! Bread, Taito, crush well and bite!“, raises another. To try a third:”Makes me want to eat a chip sandwich with a cup of tea!“.

For others, the importance of potatoes in daily life is not really understood: “I said for a long time that I didn’t like Taito because I wanted to be different, but that’s stupid!”A woman says. “Actually, you didn’t know it was a stereotype until you left Ireland. In Canada, people kept saying to me, ‘Emma, ​​you’re still eating potatoes!’ Me too? I said of course! It’s our culture, it’s local, and it’s cheap? So we’re sure to eat a lot!“, pleads a middle-aged woman.

Potatoes are also a historical attachment. In the 19th century, when a fungus destroyed a large portion of the potato crop, thousands died of starvation. At that time, an Irishman ate an average of 6.5 kilos a day! “It is our basic starch. Pasta is to the Italians, potatoes are to the Irish. At home, if not, it’s not food. We love our potatoes!“Families are guaranteed to meet at this amusement park.”The truth is, you can eat it boiled, fried, on potatoes, on crisps, whatever you want! Growing up, we didn’t always have meat, but we were never hungry for a few potatoes!”, A mother smiles.

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Potatoes are so popular here that some Irish people choose to give up crisps during Lent, a holiday in which Catholics are supposed to live soberly to draw closer to God. The Irish have one last bit of pride left: The potato was the first vegetable grown in space.

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