Clermont defeated Toulouse thanks to Camille Lopez

Clermont defeated Toulouse thanks to Camille Lopez

Entering the game was a drop and a penalty from decisive opener Camille Lopez, who allowed Clarmont to win the match on Saturday at the top of the 14th in the Marcel-Michelin, Toulouse (16-13). .

Suddenly, as ASM moved from 7th to 6th in the standings, Stade Toulouse, who had not won in the league since 2002 at Clermont-Ferrand, remained second, one point behind leader Bordeaux-Begles, thanks to a point of defense. Bonus.

After two games apart, the two teams, who have not played in the top 14 and the European Cup, and who have not played since December 11, had a very intense meeting.

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Kamil Lopez, the substitute in the kick-off, replaced Irishman JJ Hantrahan in the 58th minute, giving his side a decisive lead (13-10) eleven minutes later. Toulouse passed a penalty, allowing his team to take a 16-10 (74th) lead against a team that had not scored after half time.

“Beating Toulouse to start the year is a good thing.”

Until then, Clermontois had yet to take the lead in the meeting after Juan Cruz had given up Mallya’s entry, and Thomas Ramos (7-0, 5) added a penalty, allowing Stade Toulouse to take a 10-7 (38th) lead. .

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Earlier, JJ Hanterhan (7-7, 13) converted an attempt by Johan Bereger, and then Clermontois was able to equalize by hitting the post on a penalty (31st). At the end of the game, Thomas Ramos’ penalty was three points behind Clermont (16-13, 77th) as Clermont held the defense to keep the victory.

“The first part of our season was not very successful and it was a good thing to beat Toulouse to start the year,” said Camill Lopez on the Canal Plus microphone. “If you do not have rhythm, it is physically difficult. Great people played a big role. ”

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