Clara whistles among rugby giants: “I want to guide women” – Sports

Clara whistles among rugby giants: "I want to guide women" - Sports

For the first time in history there are activities that break down walls: in matter Clara Munarini It will be a whistle to allow an epoch-making diversion Italian rugby. Because of the girl Parma She will be the first female referee to direct a referee at a stadium in his hometown of Lanfranchi on Saturday. Italian Cup Final In rugby, it is not really a sport for women. Opposite will be the strong giants of the two Padua teams Flames of gold as well as PetrarchBut it is predictable that her eyes will be focused on her as she likes to call the referee.

Clara, 32, has a degree in economics, works for a logistics company and is accustomed to opening new avenues: in April last year, when she directed Viadana-Colorno, she became the first Italian woman to referee men’s tops. National Championship. “This position is a great satisfaction – Clara said – a very important and unexpected recognition, I would say after making my debut in the top ten a year ago. I’m very pleased to have the confidence of my coaches and managers.

Before her, only Irishman Joy Neville had refereed men, but starting from another base Neville was a player on her national team.

Clara, on the other hand, has never played rugby. But he is well aware that his role goes beyond directing a match: “By broadening my vision of gender equality, I understand that status affects ordinary people as well. I hope to see a woman who referees men in the future. There will be less of a blow,” he said during the first men’s Top 10 race.

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Then he explains how he chose the Oval Ball: “I like all sports, I started following Italy in the Six Nations, I started watching rugby in Parma.

Rimini and Colorno were also in Modena for the first time in a triangular match for under-14s. Little did the boys know then that they would see a star born.

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