Claims against airlines: 9 709 refunded

Claims against airlines: 9 709 refunded

If a flight is delayed, postponed or canceled altogether, passengers may have a claim against the airline. Since last year, travelers have been able to check their rights for free with a few clicks using the ADAC compensation calculator, and then they can decide how to proceed. Now ADAC partner Myflightright has made a preliminary assessment: on average, submitted cases will be reimbursed approximately 9 709 in damages.

Most of the aviation cases filed are related to German airlines. Eurowingles leads with about 17% of cases, followed by its parent company Lufthansa with 12%. Overall, large airlines (Lufthansa, Eurowings, Ryanair, Condor, easyJet, etc.) make up 80 percent in most cases.

Ryanair, a low-cost airline, often came to court. Myflight Wright filed about 12 percent of all lawsuits against Irish Airlines. The main reason: although out-of-court settlements can often be reached with other airlines, this will never happen at Ryanair. Thus, any valid claim against Ryan Air ends in court. Lufthansa is in second place with 10% of cases. Eurowinghouse is in third place with about 7% and thus some distance.

In principle, in accordance with EU air passenger rights, passengers on flights to or from the EU may request flat-rate compensation (EUR 250, 400 or 600) in case of cancellation, overbooking or delay of more than three hours. Control. It must be a flight departing from the EU or operated by a European airline to a destination in the EU. Other refunds are also possible.

For example, this can be done with an ADAC sample letter, or with the involvement of the Arbitration Board for Public Transportation, by appointing an ADAC contract lawyer or with the assistance of ADAC partner Myflightright.

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