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City on fire after breaking Canada’s heat record

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Scientists say Litton’s main street, with all the buildings destroyed by wildfires in the week that set a new record in Canada by registering 49.6 degrees Celsius, had tens of thousands of years of recurring waves amid the fierce heat waves. Weather | Chilliwack Fire Department

Lytton disappeared. 90% of the buildings and houses in this small town, also known as a village in the interior of the Canadian province of British Columbia, were set on fire. Preferences The small location made world news this week as it broke the record for highest temperature in Canadian history at 50 degrees Celsius in three consecutive days.

“A battlefield”. Lytton described the situation as a local official who toured British Columbia, which was devastated by fire and ash.

How Lightn’s Main Street was and how it maintained the wildfire | Chilliwack Fire Department

The fire broke out to evacuate the small town, located 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver.

People are missing, but thousands of residents have fled to safety. Today, when they return to Lytton, they have seen very little, and most have seen their homes burn to ashes.

The Lyton fire is now 90 square kilometers and is still active and uncontrollable, endangering other areas in the region.

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Record approximately 50ºC in the middle of a brutal heat wave

The Canadian heat record broke early Sunday, with British Columbia’s Lytton at 46.6. C recorded. The mark was 1.6 C higher than the record set on July 5. 1937. Within 24 hours, the same litany broke a record high of 47.9 with C on Monday. But it did not stop there. On June 29, for the third time, the record was 49.6. C was.

Canada’s new record maximum temperature, to give you an idea, surpassed the all-time high of 47.2 degrees Celsius in Las Vegas. The North American city is located in the Nevada desert and is hot in summer. According to the World Climate Organization, summer temperatures in Lytton are generally warmer than in the Middle East, compared to a region with the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. The OMM Glaciers are more likely to melt.

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“Words cannot describe this historic event,” wrote meteorologist Armel Castellon of Environment and Climate Change Canada. He said: We have not done this yet. “Without human-induced climate change, it would have been impossible for temperatures in Lytton to reach 49.6 degrees Celsius, as tens of thousands of such natural disasters occur in the region,” he said. Met Office, UK Weather Service.

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