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City Hall receives the Irish Ambassador to Brazil at the Manaus City Museum

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Through the Municipal Foundation for Culture, Tourism and Events (ManasCult), the Irish Ambassador paid a visit to the Manas City Museum (MUMA) on Monday morning, 11/29, at the Manas City Museum (MUMA) in the Historic Center. Brazil, Sean Hoy.

The Ambassador was welcomed by Alonso Oliveira, Director-President of the Manauscult, and Leonardo Novelino, Director of the Manas City Museum, who contributed a portrait of the British Consul Roger Casement (1867-1916). He is an Irish poet, revolutionary and nationalist, portrayed by artist David Rooney in his book “1916 Portraits and Lives” published by the Royal Irish Academy in 2015. Portrait is the 89th of 100 units autographed by the artist.

In 1910, when Roger Casement was the subject of a series of human rights abuses in the Colombian Amazon, he condemned indigenous genocide in a case that had international repercussions, either in Puttum or in the La Chore in the river basin. 30,000 natives were subjected to the rule of slavery, and at that time the largest rubber extraction and production center was activated.

Nearly two years after the closure of the Kovid-19 pandemic, the museum will gradually reopen in compliance with all sanitary protocols, reopening in December, and visitors to Muma will soon be able to enjoy a tribute to the consulate at an exhibition.

According to Alonso Oliveira, contributing the image will arouse curiosity in museum visitors and make them aware of the history of the Casement’s struggle.

“Roger Casement’s extraordinary life continues to be a source of inspiration for his work on prose, poetry, drama and critical essays, and we are grateful for the prize. With the reopening of the museum, visitors, especially young people from our city, will be able to learn more about Casement’s ongoing struggle for the human rights of indigenous peoples during the rubber extraction period in Brazil, ”the director said.

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On this occasion, the Ambassador was greeted with an exhibition of photographs taken by photographer and Portuguese-Brazilian filmmaker Silvino Santos.

“Through his camera, Silvino records the mistreatment of these indigenous peoples. Thanks to the great humanist Roger Casement, this situation has changed and now the museum is delighted to have with us a collection of his paintings,” said Leonardo Novellino, director of the Museum in Manas.

Ambassador Sean Hoy, who is pleased with the reception and exhibition for the third time in the Amazon capital, said Manas City Hall and the Irish Embassy would work to bring an exhibition in Brasilia about Roger Casement’s work in the future. , To Manous.

“My team and I are delighted to be part of this small event that will mark the life and work of Roger Casement, an Irish citizen of Brazil. I am proud to be able to develop a relationship with such an important cultural institution, and I am very pleased to be able to deepen our conversation about opportunities to further develop cultural ties between Brazil and Ireland, as well as the opportunity to give lectures to tell these stories. Both countries, ”he explained.

The ambassador said that when the Irish people remembered Manaus, they were referring to Roger’s casement.

As one of the first international humanitarians to fight for the indigenous people against all the wishes of the corporate world, I have always thought that the Embassy should bring Roger Casement to Manaus. Casement became a true hero in our own history and was part of our freedom struggle. Young people in Manas love culture, and they love to celebrate, learn, and explore. I want to see ways to work with the city to build that partnership. We have a lot more to learn from you than you can learn from us, so we’ll be back soon to find out more, “said the Ambassador.

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Text – Emmanuel Bears / Manouklt

Photos – Oliveira Jr. / Manohalutt

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