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Christophe Mandel (left) and Niels Ondrasche (left), alumni of the Weihenstefan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, have won one of the major prizes of the “Green Infrastructure Goes Business Award”.

(Photo: Transition Woods gGmbH / oh)

Weihenstefan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) alumni: Former Forest Engineering students and entrepreneurs Christoph Mandel and Niels Ontroche have won one of six major awards at this year’s “Green Infrastructure Goes Business Awards”. Won. They were honored for their “Transition Woods” initiative. Among other things, the winners will receive professional business coaching and the opportunity to present their project to an international audience at a major public event in Italy.

“Transition Woods gGmbH” is a nature conservation and non-profit organization. Their goal is to preserve or restore the natural diversity of forest plants as a sustainable habitat. The use of sustainable wood is part of the idea, but always comes after nature conservation.

About 40 startups, companies and creative people from Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland attended the award. This is a new format to support the green economy in the alpine region. The competition was started by Jorge Ewald, holder of the Research Professorship “Diversity and Operations of Mountain Ecosystems” at the Weihenstefan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

University: Exchange students at Weinstein-Triesdorf University explore Hofgarten and other sights in the freezer.

Exchange students at Weihenstefan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences explore Hofgarten and other views on freezing.

(Photo: HSWT / oh)

Finally, after a long period of control over pandemic, international exchanges are resuming: Fourteen Exchange students from Brazil, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, France and Hungary began the summer semester on the Weihenstefan campus.. Weihenstefan-Trisdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) had an international office so that they could get to know each other and network. “Welcome Day” Organized. This includes a tour of the campus and library, followed by a visit to Frazing Cathedral and a guided tour of the old town. At the end of the day, students came in and learned Bavarian cuisine.

Seven Exchange students will complete the next two semesters with a double degree, which will be offered jointly with HSWT’s French partner university in Angers. The majority of newcomers are students in the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, but are also represented by leading figures in food technology and renewable energy management. Most students are housed in the StudentWorks Hall near the campus. They are funded by scholarship programs from their home universities. More than half went to Germany before studying at HSWT.

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