Citizen participation in the bed of democracy

Citizen participation in the bed of democracy

It’s an obsessive absence, a void that takes up a lot of space. Citizens’ dissatisfaction with the ballot box in France has remained strong for thirty years. Democracy is deteriorating, and the causes of unrest are now well-recognized: distrust of politicians, feelings of under-representation, and the burden of personal interest in making political decisions … However, this compromise does not call into question the closeness to the nation. The very principles of democracy. On the contrary, it is associated with the desire to renew, which is confirmed Sevipof Barometer (Sciences Po Center for Political Research) In January. While 39% believe that a strong force that does not have to worry about parliament or elections is the best way to govern, two-thirds believe that the political system will work better if there are more citizens. Involved in major political decisions.

The majority of French people claim to have an opinion, not just during elections. Despite this observation, the restoration of democracy is not the subject of a structured debate, as many candidates have included proposals in this direction in their program. This presidential deadline seems real, like a missed date.

This situation is even more worrying as the last decade will be marked by strong headaches. On the one hand, terrorism and the crisis associated with Kovid-19 strengthened the vertical of power; There is a continuum of emergencies “Diluted” According to lawyer Stephanie Hennett-Wash, the boundaries between democracy and dictatorship (Democracy in an emergencyThreshold, 224 pages, 19.90 euros). On the other hand, the rise of the “yellow robes” and the mobilization of young people for climate have shaken up the five-year agenda, articulating social and democratic needs, first and foremost through their call for an early referendum on citizens. , Seconds condemning the difficulty of the political system in presenting itself in the long run.

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“In order to succeed in the many important changes that are to come, the first thing our generation must do is to radically change the model of society. Decisions can no longer come from now on, they must be discussed,” he said. Says Chantal Joano, president of the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP). We face the great democratic challenge of finding another form of governance. ⁇

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