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CIR21. Super Rally Il Ciocco. Newville, Hyundai, Albertini, Skoda

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Casvetvelchio Pascoli, March 13. In Theory New This is in line with the prediction, but “ess hiccup” is a way of saying warmth rather than verifiable reality. When a rally is very special, especially when it reveals itself Agonistically very intense, Even the strongest values ​​are questioned or at least tested. The result is that on the one hand that prophecy is respected, on the other hand it is respected and accepted Absolute advantages Newville, One of my “historically” favorite champions (actually provoking a bit of a hateful tendency to second place above all else, high and low). New was really great. Well, anyway, for this reason alone, the Belgian champion “testified” to the beautiful superiority of Hyundai, Il Ciocco, Serchio Valley Rally Stars according to the expectations and qualifications that everyone recognizes. Organized competition is not accidental Or Direction Valerio Barcelona It can always be amazing. I.S. Armory of ideas, The courage of initiative, even if it is necessary to “contain” even the most complex Conditions of asphalt and weather The Iberians say the 44th edition is a “huge” success.

In New He left nothing to chance, which should be considered normal, after all, of course Opponents have nothing. It was the fastest Shakedown In short, the angry initial power stage, the first to lead the 44th edition of the rally, the first of three laps in this year’s competition, three perfect repetitions of the same three specials, Masa Sassoroso, Care e Molassana, Can be considered an “in-depth intelligence search” for limits. after that Newville and Wideg certainly took over the rally Perfect rhythm and control led him to the end. No objection. The only thing I don’t believe in is that we have to “match” and identify the strongest Hyundai R5 The i20 coupe is coming down from the WRC. Newville showed very clearly what was behind the wheel of a racing car. Welcome Croatia World Championship All Asphalt, at this time. Rally del Sioco will have another thunderbolt on the scroll of honor, which is only the company’s sympathy New will remain “transparent” Statistics on the history of the Italian Rally Sparco Championship.

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When we are in it Let’s get the teeth out. However, Tuscan was sent to the asphalt with the same determination Craig Breen, Runs with Paul Naglin, returns home with some “data” to settle and a little bitter to digest. Off the road During the fifth special, the wheels ended up in the air, and Massa Sassoroso 2, the Irish ruined the best race as they won the first special and took the lead. Nothing, and suddenly things started to go wrong. In my view, completely skeptical, perhaps too enthusiastic, too eager to prove who knows.

The fact is that it is 5Pro Special Proof Damage Of the rally. as well as Green, of course, Leave the scene as well as പൊള്ളാര, Who had previously been punctured and intended to recover something, e Campanaro. One ends up against a pole and overtakes the poor citroen, and the second leaves the half-destroyed Fiesta on the asphalt. At the same time, not everything is going smoothly and not for everyone. The current Italian champion, Andrea Krugnola, Navigator Pietro Ometo breaks a drive shaft, as well as the legitimate intent to inaugurate a new relationship with Hyundai with confirmation. The sensible final match was partially relieved but the decisive delay. Giandomenico Baso, With Lorenzo Grano struggling to find a good connection to the front of the koda, e Paulo Andrewcci, Paired with Francesco Pinelli, after something went wrong with the look on the second lap, he went down to moderate advice and fully entered the role of tester of new MRF tires.

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Then, Went to NewThe race is on a path of competitive development that is a little different from what one can afford.

Il Ciocco on stage Then go upstairs Stefano Albertini, Skoda Rally 2 with Fappani at Evo, Fabio Andolfi, Savoy and Fabia R5, crew De Tomaso-Bisochi, Citron c3, Michelini-Perna, Polo GTI, Tufts-Gonella, Skoda Rally 2 Evo.

Albertini In particular, he can only remain on stage for the third time last year and in a few races in 2020, always on the stage, already the winner of the first Caregain, in the context of Newville’s Hyundai. With unusual and extraordinary controlled running and second place, Albertini is 20 seconds behind the Belgian champion. Fabio Andolfi He will have a lot of fun, and only at the end of the rally will he make his way to recovery Boss, Winner of the last Special of Race and third overall. De Tomaso will also be out in the final, so he will go into fifth place Rudy Michelin, Always attractive in Il Ciocco, but this time it was great despite a touch that ruined a part of the party.

In transparent nuv, Albertini and Fappani Bring the top and first place of the CIR home Asphalt Championship It runs to the brothers Nusita 2 The first of the rotary motors goes easily with the Puget, a Nicole and Pierre The first activity of the Cleo Trophy, a Goldoni and Marchiori The first of the Suzuki Trophy. We have a curious amount to take on the Yaris GR field of the same name Toyota Trophy Italian, but we have to wait for this The second of the CIR, Rally Santemo Next April 10th and 11th.

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Rocket launch, for Il Ciocco and CIR. Valerio Barcelona, Though usually shy, is legally happy with the outcome of his rally, because he allows himself to go to the pride of the enterprise he once won. “It was a tough world, and it’s hard to beat a package of” customers “in terms of quality and numbers. That is why we are happy to celebrate the 44th edition of the rally in this way and at this difficult time. I say thank you to everyone who made this success possible and great!

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