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Cilian Murphy gives voice to the sleepy meditation story that takes listeners on a ‘magical journey’ across Ireland

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Irish actor Cilian Murphy lends his talents to help people around the world fall asleep when they are anxious.

Thanks indefinitely to the increasing number of covid cases in the future – even now – many of us have had trouble getting a full night’s sleep in recent months, but from now on it should not be a problem.

Cilian Murphy has been a big name in Ireland for years, but has recently risen to global fame thanks to his portrayal of Tommy Shelby. Peek-a-boo blinds.

The actress has now given the soft cork brow to a quiet new sleep app that promises to help soften the listener easily through meditation.

Cillian Murphy’s Sleep Story takes listeners on a “magical journey through the beautiful landscape of Ireland” (Photo by Larry Busaca / Getty Images)

In Murphy’s Sleep Story, written by author Forb Smith, the Irishman narrates a fictional story in parallel. Crossing Ireland by train; A story described as “a magical journey through the beautiful scenery of Ireland”.

As the harp played quietly in the background, Murphy said in a low voice, “Hello. My name is Cilian. Welcome to my sleep story;”

“Tonight, we’ve taking a trip across my own country, Ireland.”

Below you can check out the first two minutes of the quiet story …

To download the app and listen to the story – and many others like it – completely, you can visit Serenity Website Or download the app on iOS and Google Play.

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